Restaurant Inspections

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Feb. 5 -- Valley Restaurant, 97%, great job on temps; floors need cleaning between equipment; miscellaneous items around kitchen.
Feb. 6 -- Ronnie’s Bar and Grill, 95%, record temps, hot and cold; cutting board needs replacing; need bleach for sanitizer.
Feb. 7 -- Baptist Day Care, 100%, record more temps.
Feb. 7 -- Our Little Miracles, 100%, issues corrected.
Feb. 12 -- Save-A-Lot, 95%, lights must be shielded in produce area, walk-in meat cooler door and casings in bad repair, required refrigerated items need to be in cooler, watch expired meats.
Feb. 13 -- Fast Maxx, food and retail, 100%.
Feb. 14 -- Lee’s Famous Recipe, 98%, counter top at front lines should be maintained, ceiling tiles.
March 5 -- First Stop Inc., food, 100%; retail, 96%, food protection; handling of food.
March 5 -- Grand Haven Nursing  Home, 99%, holes in ceiling from leaks, debris peeling off; ceiling leaks from wall air conditioner units.
March 7 -- China House, 95%, record temps in log book, hot and cold; flooring in poor repair needs replacing, clean between and around equipment; equipment, grease build up, dusty; clean counters, prep areas.
March 7 -- Shady Lawn, 100%, great job on record keeping, eggs, egg products need to be pasteurized.
March 12 -- Bullard Cafeteria, 100%, no violations, great job.
March 13 -- Speedway, food, 98%, record temps, log sheets; retail, 99%, clean drips wells, and around and under equipment.
March 13 -- Leono’s, 100%, great job on labeling, great job handling, looks good, no violations.
March 13 -- Leesburg Grocery, food, 96%, record temps in log books, storage sticks dispensing, labeling arrival packages; retail, 100%.
March 20 -- Westside Elementary School cafeteria, 100%, no violations, good job labeling/temp logs.