Reenactment of the First Battle of Cynthiana held this past weekend

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July 17, 1862
The first civil war battle of Cynthiana took place 150 years ago on July 17, 1862. This battle was reenacted this past weekend at the Elk’s farm. Federal forces occupied Cynthiana, which consisted of Kentucky Infantry, Cavalry, and a artillery piece from Cincinnati, all under the command of Lt.-Col John Landrum. Col. John Hunt Morgan and his 2nd Kentucky Cavalry Regiment, coming out of Tennessee, attacked and pushed the Federal forces back to the Licking River at the edge of town. Federal forces tried to defend the bridge across the Licking River, but the Confederates were too much for the Federals to hold back, and the Confederates took Cynthiana. Morgan listed the capture of 300 cavalry horses, a large number of small arms, and the destruction of commissary and medical stores, tents, weapons, and ammunition.
Reenactment groups that attended the event were: 1st KY Calvary Company B; 6th Ohio Volunteer Calvary; 10th KY Calvary Co. D and E; 1st East Tennessee Artillery; 6th KY; 7th KY; 14th KY Artillery; 9th KY Calvary; 58th ILL.; 13 KY Infantry Co. C U.S.A.; Bohemain Brigade.
Wheel and Saber Sutlers from Alabama and Dutch Fork Depot, South Carolina, were on hand to sell reproduction military goods to the reenactors and public, and Side Saddle Inn, Harrison County, provided a period tea for the ladies on Saturday.