Recreation: Do we all not benefit?

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

While running the risk of repeating some of Louis Kendall’s letter to the editor of last week, I want to put my two cents worth into the recreation or lack of recreation in Harrison County.
First, I will contend that we cannot offer too much.  
Look at the success of the yoga and Zumba classes that are going on in different parts of town plus the number of ladies who go to Curves for exercise.  
There are water aerobics classes at the Cynthiana Country Club during the summer for women of all ages.  All or some of these different kinds of exercises could be offered if the proper exercise facilities were available in the county operated by the recreation department.  
These programs are for retired persons or people who do not work you might say.  If the facilities were available, the programs could be offered day or night where all could participate.  
Programs for the ladies are not all we could have besides the baseball, softball mix that we have now.  
Granted, we also have a little soccer, but we could have so much more.  
Many of us remember the softball tournaments that were held in the past at River Road Park.  
Why don’t we have these tournaments anymore?  
The city hall gym has been out of commission and while it is due to be ready in a month or so, many question if that money could not have been spent more wisely by putting it into a new facility at the new park.  
There was not enough money spent on the City Hall facility to build something new completely, but I have heard that it could have gone a long way toward a steel building of some sort that could have more than one floor to play on at one time.  
The proper facility could have three floors and a walking track around it for everyone’s use.  
We used to have volleyball leagues in addition to the basketball on the one floor at City Hall and I don’t see why we couldn’t again.  
So to address the issue of who can benefit from recreation, I again say who cannot benefit?  
The restaurants benefit when people come to town, the gas stations benefit when people come to town or the citizens that live here do more and drive to do it.  
They may need to get their prices in line but that is another story.  
The citizens benefit when they have more to do; exercise more, feel better and live a healthier lifestyle.  
One of the few things that I believe that the government should offer is recreational possibilities.  
When a magistrate says that his constituents do not benefit from recreation I say this:  
One, I doubt if his entire voting bloc believes that they do not benefit.  
Secondly, if they don’t benefit, whose fault is it? It may take a little effort to use the facilities if we have them.  
And lastly I say, we cannot dictate where the tax dollars that are ripped from our hands go. If we could, I would select recreation for my dollars way before welfare for drug users and people who refuse to work.