Readers support Bluegrass Pipeline

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To the editor,

We are for the Bluegrass Pipeline. In fact, we wish they were coming through our property because we know they are paying good money for the use of the land. If we can’t benefit as landowners, we know that we and the rest of the community will benefit from the tax revenues, jobs, and economic step up this project will bring. Local governments can build schools and roads with the tax revenues. Unemployed people can get jobs working on the pipeline. Small business will receive economic benefits from the additional workers who will be here to build the pipeline, they will be a very welcome addition to our local sales and tax base.

We should not be afraid of change and progress when we have so much to gain from it. If we can’t directly benefit as landowners, we all have to understand that as a whole our community will benefit. From everything we have read about this project, I believe it to be safe for our community. I hope our political leaders and local residents will give this opportunity a chance. Our community needs all the help it can get.


Ralph and Judy Gloy