Reader endorses Sam Arnold

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Dear Editor
I am writing in support of Sam W. Arnold III for the position of Family Court Judge for the 18th Judicial District in Harrison, Nicholas, Pendleton and Robertson Counties.
I have known Sam Arnold for 8 years as his client and friend.  Sam will make an excellent Family Court Judge, his practical grounded approach will enhance the quality of the Family Court.  During his 42 years of legal practice in Harrison County, he has dealt with every type of issue that is addressed in Family Court.
I believe Sam to be the most qualified and skilled candidate to assume the bench and maintains a high level of credibility with everyone he meets.  He has the courage to do what is right and common sense to see the “big picture” in Family Court.
A good Family Court Judge is impartial and makes decisions based on the facts and understanding of the law.  Above all a good judge treats all participants with dignity and respect.  Sam has these abilities and more.  He believes clients should be represented with genuine care.  What a great philosophy for a Family Court Judge; fairness, impartiality and to realize domestic issues are painful and healing needs to begin quickly.
Sam’s background and experience will improve the Family Court. He will make the judicial process fair and efficient. Sam’s legal experience, commitment to the community, character, dedication, and work ethic are beyond reproach.
I encourage you to vote for Sam W. Arnold III.
Fay Isaacs