Re-elect Roger Slade on Nov. 6

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To the editor:
Election Day is approaching quickly.  If you are like me, you are tired of the commercials and the mud-slinging and the politics.  While the results of our national elections are important to us all, local races probably have more impact on our day to day lives.  So even if you’re not very excited to vote for our national candidates (which I encourage you to do wisely), take  seriously the impact that your vote can have here locally.  Vote in our local races!
With that said, I would like to encourage all citizens of the city of Cynthiana to cast a vote for Roger Slade.  Mr. Slade has shown himself as someone with great vision for our community.  He works hard to represent the interests of all citizens on the commission.  He works tirelessly to move this city forward in hard economic times.  His greatest strength is that he deeply cares about the future of this city.  If you know Roger Slade, you already know that he is the right choice for commissioner.  If you don’t know Roger Slade, I would encourage you to get to know him.  He is one of the finest people I know and an asset to Cynthiana, Ky!
James Smith