Public Record

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By The Staff


Mack Bailey and Nancy K. Bailey to Danny Roberts and Malinda Roberts, Parcel 1, 1 acre, on Richland Creek, $30,000.

Deed and Consideration Certificate: Sara Noble and Ron Potts to Ronald A. Farrell and Carole Case, Tracts 2, 3, 4 on the Farms of Harrison County (1414 Hwy. 982), $260,000.

James W. Goins and Aura Niko Goins to Leesburg Grocery, LLC, property in the village of Leesburg.

Jess H. Burrier II and Kelli Burrier to Burrier Farm LLC, Parcel 2, 126.910 acres on Falmouth Pike (US 27).

Real Estate Contract: Raymond Turner and Shirley Elizabeth Turner to Zachary L. Pickett, 5.00 acres on Spirto Road.

DGS Development, LTD to Elton Hostetler and Alta Hostetler, Tract 7 - 14.1031 acres, Tract 9 - 10.0280 acres, Tract 10 - 19.8612 acres, on Sunrise-Claysville Land Division, $105,000.

Irene K. Moran to Tony Trachevski, 4 Tracts in Harrison County: Tract 1- 66-74/100 acres; Tract 2- 90 acres; Tract 3- 31 1/2 acres; Tract 4- 108 acres.

Troy L. Bradford and Mary Ware Bradford to John P. Wright and Marsha Wright, 99.96 acres on Ky. Hwys. 32 and 36, $319,872.

Charles Northcutt and Jasper Lynn Northcutt to Michael Sosbe and Angela Sosbe, 2 Tracts in Harrison County (Tract 1 - Lot 6 in Springdale Subdivision), $68,000.

Stephen D. Olson and Wendy Olson to Jonny D. Olson, 1.349 acres on US 62.

James Gregory Ritchie to Linda Sue Ritchie, 1 acre in Harrison County.

General Warranty Deed: James A. Spegal and Genzey Spegal to DGS Development, LTD, Lot 3 - Martin Road Land Division.

John R. Reno and Martha Reno, Gary Link and Mary F. Link to SSI Properties, Inc., 3 Tracts in Harrison County: Tract 1- 104.82 acres; Tract 2- 6.18 acres; Tract 3- 78.49 acres; $406,403.80.

John R. Reno and Martha Reno to SSI Properties, property in Harrison County on Shadynook Road, $399,725.

General Warranty Deed: Gary D. Ballard and Mandy Ballard to DGS Development, LTD, Tracts 5 and 6 - Whitson Land Division.

General Warranty Deed: James Edward Higgins and Ruby Faye Higgins to Hubert L. Pope and Darla S. Pope, 4 Tracts on Colemansville and Stringtown Pike: Tract 1- 67.16 acres; Tract 2- 22.42 acres; Tract 3- 22.13 acres; Tract 4- 90.08 acres; $400,000.

Geneva Smiley to Barry Turner, 2 Tracts on US 62, $9,500.

Warranty Deed: Leon T. Willis and Mildred M. Willis to Phyllis Penick, Parcel 1- 11.301 acres on Lafferty Pike (Ky. 1054), $35,000.

Warranty Deed: Leon T. Willis and Mildred M. Willis to Donald L. Shepherd, Parcel 2- 34.505 acres on Lafferty Pike; Parcel 3- 5.553 acres on Prince Lane.

D.W., Inc. to Kentucky District Council of the Assemblies of God, Inc., Lot 8 - 5.000 acres on Keller-Waits Lane; Lot 9 - 5.694 acres on Falmouth Pike (US 27); $91,000.

Ronnie Allen Gaunce and Rebecca Gaunce to Melissa G. Fryman and Mark D. Fryman, 3 acres on Oddville-Sunrise Road.

Sole Ownership - Cash Deed for Kentucky: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Randy Wade and Wanda C. Wade, property at 2181 Ky. 356, $50,000.

Leslie Smith and James Smith to Rachel L. Tucker and Charles W. Tucker, Lot 1 - Block A of Eastland Estates Subdivision, $92,000.

Harold Coy Jr. and Kay Coy to Jason Earley and Mary L. Earley, house and lot on Old Lair Turnpike Road, $117,000.

Michael Tod Sosbe and Angela Dawn Sosbe to Edgar W. Hampton and Brandy R. Northcutt, Lot 3 - Block A - Unit 3 of the White Oak Estates Subdivision, $126,000.

Adam R. Shepard and Megan Shepard to Matthew S. Fitzgerald, property on Brooks Avenue, $86,000.