Protect children from a destructive summer

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To the editor:
I understand from the town meeting there is still time to save the children and young adults from a boring, uneventful, and possibly a destructive summer. These children need the supervision and educational tools provided by some very concerned citizens. You! The money has run out and the doors will be closed to these needy young citizens that are our future. For seven years the money that was spent to provide a welcome, educational place for this community has been greatly appreciated. It has helped tremendously. Only time will tell whether or not the money spent was worth while.
As you may have guessed I am talking about the Berry Data Center. The doors are scheduled to close on June 30.
We can’t afford to let that happen. This Center has been most beneficial to college and high school students, people submitting job applications, and for myself, genealogical research for the DAR.
The library is functioning at a lower level all this summer because of the new remodeling. It will not be up to par for quite sometime. So that ects places available to do business, homework, job applications, research and etc.
The molding of our children’s minds starts at a very young age. Have you been beneficial to that persons up bringing? Is this child going to become an outstanding citizen? Or because of a lack of caring by you is this child going to depend on society to care for him/her? Will he/she be on the road to crime because no one cared?
I know there are businesses and organizations that can well afford to spent $20,000 to keep this center open. Businesses need tax write-offs. Here is a great one. Older people with money in the bank earning one percent interest would greatly benefit from a donation to a very worthy cause. Please be the hero.
Help the 40 to 50, young, and older persons who can not afford internet service and others who are unable to buy service because of unavailability. Thank you and sleep well tonight.

Jayne Newman
Berry, Ky.