Property Transfers

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By The Staff


Larry W. Dickey and Susan Browning Dickey to Tomas S. Ballinger and Heather R. Ballinger, 2.001 acres on Haviland Lane, $115,000.

Wayne Gossett and Nell Anne Gossett to Charles M. Ramsey and Cynthia Ramsey, 3 Tracts in Harrison County: Tract 1- 5.385 acres on Leesburg Pike (US 62); Tract 2- 8.893 acres on Leesburg Pike (US 62); Tract 3- 19.840 acres on Leesburg Pike (US 62); $295,000.

John R. Hehr and Mildred E. Hehr to David B. Cox, 98.677 acres on US 62, $450,000.

DGS Development, LTD to William H. Tilton and Carrie J. Tilton, Parcel 2- 14.844 acres of Hendricks Road Land Division, $59,000.

William W. Flora and Carolyn Sue Flora to Matthew R. Cantrell, 1.0787 acres on New Lair Road, $82,500.

Bradley E. Wiglesworth and Kristie L. Faulkner to Lauren Smead and Chad Devitt, Tract 4 - Waits Road Land Division, $222,000.

Homesales Inc. to John H. Marshall and Amanda Marshall, 4.1808 acres on Robinson Road, $70,500.

General Warranty Deed: DGS Development, LTD to Dennis C. Robinson and Connie S. Ingle, Tracts 8, 11, and 12 - Hendricks Road Land Division, $124,500.

General Warranty Deed: Stanley Slonina and Marianne Slonina to Michael D. Boury and Patrice A. Boury, 10 acres at 2586 North Ky. Hwy. 1842, $230,000.

Popular Financial Services, LLC to Jimmy Franklin and Jeanette Franklin, 1.113 acres at 7255 Ky. Hwy. 356 (White Oak Pike), $26,000.

Roger Gasser and Brenda Gasser to Wayne L. Gossett and Nell Anne Gossett, 2 Tracts on East Bridge Street, $115,000.

Michael A. Hudgins and Dolores A. Hudgins, Mark Lee Hudgins, Anthony Douglas Hudgins and Alyssa Hudgins, Kelly Paul Hudgins to H.W.P. of Vero Beach, Inc., property on East Pike Street, $300,000.

Gary A. Ross and Bertha L. Ross to Jeremy S. Sowder and Melissa G. Sowder, 1.06 acre on US Hwy. 62, $141,500.