Property Transfers

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By The Staff


Michael Muncy and Paula Muncy to Stanley W. Edelman Jr. and Donna Edelman, Tract 4H - 9.3421 acres of Sunrise Acres Subdivision, $18,000.

Quitclaim Deed: James D. Stamper to Tracie Stamper, 4.5028 acres on Mudlick Road.

Allen Patrick Darnell, Shawn Ritchey and Elizabeth Ritchey to Thomas Howard Laytart, property on North Main Street, $35,000.

Billy D. Fryman and Debra A. Fryman to Jason C. Campbell, 2.311 acres on Arnold Road, $115,000.

Mary M. Whitaker, Monty Ray Whitaker and Tracy Marie Whitaker, Clifford Dale Whitaker and Kay Lynn Whitaker to Mary Lou Barnes to Clifford Dale Whitaker and Kay Lynn Whitaker, 137.50 acres on Republican Pike.

Quitclaim Deed: Gary L. Morrison and Sandra J. Morrison, Eric K. Sullivan and Tina H. Sullivan to Johnny K. Hyatt, by and through his attorney-in-fact, to William M. Hyatt and Robert N. Hyatt Jr., house and lot on corner of Wilson Avenue and Miller Street.

James W. Gallagher and Carolyn K. Gallagher to Donald L. Lunsford and Peggy Lunsford, 4 Tracts in Harrison County: Tract 1- 15 acres; Tract 2- 56.51 acres; Tract 3- 15 acres; Tract 4- 6 acres; $95,000.

Trustee Deed: Robert W. Chrissinger Jr., Rand Marshall-Trustee to Robert W. Chrissinger Jr. and Lori Shoope, Tract 1 in Connersville Road Land Division (349 N. Hwy. 1842), $1.

Mary Catherine O’Connell Lively to Benny Northcutt and Mattie Northcutt, property on Elmarch Avenue and McDowell Street, $17,000.

Janell Delaney and Jay Delaney to Dana Smith, property on Granger Lane, $105,000.

William R. Withers II to Kathryn T. Crossley, lot on Main Street, $93,000.

Community Ventures Properties, LLC to Community Ventures Corporation, Lot 5 in amended plat of Robynwood Heights Subdivision-Unit 1 (311 Old Lair Rd.), $1.

Mike Sosbe and Angela Sosbe to Lance W. Taylor, property on Oddville Avenue, $78,000.

Amanda B. Howard to James S. Case, 2 Tracts at 226 Lakeview Drive, $118,500.

Warren Prather and Faye M. Prather to Danny R. Henderson and Sharon Henderson, Lot 3 on Leeslick Pike (Ky. 1844), 2.6470 acres, $120,000.

Layle E. Lonkard to Michelle Miller, house and lot in town of Berry, $35,000.

Mike Sosbe and Angela Sosbe to Dana R. Wisecup, Lot 20 in Harrison County, $73,900.

Lula C. Hatfield Thomas to Brandon G. Hatfield and Shelly K. Hatfield, 2 Parcels on Kings Lane: Parcel I- Tract 2- 8 acres; Parcel II- Tract 3- 44 acres; Tract 5- 122.27 acres; Tract 6- 87 acres; $131,973.68.

Shirley Construction, LLC to Jerry T. North and David Mastin, Lot 2-B on Oddville Avenue (US 62), $200.

Bruce Giguere and Sandra Giguere to Keith Quesenberry, Tract 4F-Wendell Drakeford Property Land Division (Sunrise Acres), $35,000.

Jacob Givens and Camelia Givens to John David King, property on Wilson Avenue, $85,000.

Kentucky Bank to Charles Rife and Ronda Rife, Tract 4 - DGS Development, LTD, Whitson Land Division, $170,000.

Robert W. Laytart to Dennis E. Cox, Tract 4 - Weber Farm Land Division, 6.8573 acres, $122,000.

Land Contract: Philip Richardson and Edith Richardson to Terry Canter, 2.2934 acres on Poindexter Road, $44,578.

Estate of Kirby Hunt Jr.- by its executor Terry Layne Hunt, to Ronald W. Moorhead, property in Harrison County, $19,080.

Brandy Leigh Jewell to James Edward Jewell, Tract 5 of the Shell Franklin Lane Land Division.