Property Transfers

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By The Staff


General Warranty Deed: Alan Ledford and Heather Ledford to BDR Investments LLC, Tract 12 of Edgewater Estates (483 Bedford Way), $25,250.

James Thomas Coppage Jr. to Bryon M. Coppage, 132.40 acres on Connersville and Leeslick Pike.

Land Contract: Raymond G. Sanders Jr. and Jill Morgan to Joshua N. Coffee, 35.090 acres on Oddville Pike (US 62), $89,900.

Timothy J. Lesak and Valeree P. Lesak to Steve Hughes and Amy Hughes, Lot 7 of Mockingbird Heights Subdivision, $72,500.

Richard A. Faulkner and Betty Jo Faulkner, Ruth Ann Goldey and Roy Goldey, William Todd Faulkner and Brenda Faulkner to Mike Sosbe and Angela Sosbe, Lot 20 in Harrison County, $48,000.

Shannon Hardbarger and Charles D. Hardbarger to Kenneth B. Williams, property on Ky. 1032, Berry, $10,000.

Marvin Ross and Ophelia N. Ross to Leslie A. Perkins and Donald L. Jones Jr., 3 Tracts on Beaver Baptist Pike: Tract 1- 0.31 acre; Tract 2- 1.64 acres; $130,000.

Tracy L. McIntosh to Earl Litman and Elizabeth Litman, Tract 4, 6.7397 acres in Eastern Harrison County, $115,000.

Sole Ownership - Cash Deed for Kentucky: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jordan W. Davis and Kati Suzanne Davis, property at 215 Oddville Avenue, $61,600.

Estate of Roberta M. Conyers, by its Executor Emery S. Conyers - his wife Mary J. Lehman, Ethel Marie Clifford and Kenneth H. Clifford, Fannie B. Hays and Earl J. Hays to Robert Bruce Sorrell, Lot 44 - Block A - Unit 2-B of the Country Club Estates Subdivision, $265,000.

Charles Lee Carroll and Joan M. Carroll to Stephanie L. Carroll, 3 Tracts in Harrison County: Tract 1- 136.38 acres on Leesburg and Leeslick turnpike; Tract 2- 46.55 acres; Tract 3- 2.35 acres.

Charles Lee Carroll and Joan M. Carroll to Charles Lee Carroll and Joan M. Carroll, 5.713 acres on Finnell Road and Leesburg/Leeslick Pike (Ky. 1842).

Earl C. Arnold Sr. and Billie J. Arnold to Richard Clay Arnold and Jacqualynne Renee Arnold, 2 Tracts in Harrison County: Tract 1- 174 acres on the waters of Little Beaver Creek; Tract 2- 1.06 acre on Smalley Branch Road.

Cecil Riley and Regina Riley to Orville Miley and Pauline Miley, property at 175 Blake Lane, Berry, $58,000.

Special Warranty Deed: Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Lot 9 of the Ben Fritz Subdivision - Unit 2, 1.271 acres (355 Robinson Road).

William P. Selin and Debra A. Selin to Jerry Lee Scott, property on Mudlick Road, $40,000.

Mike Sosbe and Angie Sosbe to Herbert Hamm and Frances L. Hamm, Lot 5 - Block F - Elmarch Addition, $68,000.

Jeffrey Oswalt and Teresa Oswalt to Phillip Mullins and Traci Mullins, Parcel 1-B, 0.183 acre on Renaker-Berry Road.

David Royce Ferguson and Jolleen Ann Ferguson to Charles A. Koch and Kathleen N. Koch, Lot 4 - Windquest Subdivision (3154 New Lair Road), $140,000.

Geraldine Jones Williams and James Russell Bailey III to Jimmy D. Turner and Rhonda G. Turner, Parcel 1- 1.273 acres on Hawktown Road (Ky. 1842), $70,000.

Roy Parks and Bonnie Parks to Lawrence Joseph Price and Teresa A. Price, 34.132 acres on Two Lick Road, $65,000.

Quitclaim Deed: Carol A. Gregg, Tanya Bates, James S. Bates and Sylvia Bates to Carol A. Gregg, Parcel 1- 2.000 acres on Old Rankin Mill Road, $1.

General Warranty Deed: Chris Griffin and Janice Griffin to Chris Griffin and Janice Griffin, 2 Tracts in Harrison County: Tract I - Lot 5 - Block B - Eastland Estates Subdivision; Tract II - Lot 6 - Block B - Eastland Estates Subdivision (113 Eastland Estates Drive).

The Inter Vivos Trust of William K. Plucknett to Bruce W. Plucknett, 5 Tracts in Harrison County: Tract 1- 92.50 acres; Tract 2- 86 acres; Tract 3- 74 acres; Tract 4- 46.20 acres; Tract 5- 67 acres.

Estate of Evaline West Plucknett (Executrix-Ellen Winner O’Laughlin), Ellen Winner O’Laughlin and Joseph B. O’Laughlin, Albert S. Plucknett and Leong Sow Kam, Bruce W. Plucknett and Deborah Bolton Plucknett to Bruck W. Plucknett and Deborah B . Plucknett, 5 Tracts in Harrison County: Tract 1- 92.50 acres; Tract 2- 86 acres; Tract 3- 74 acres; Tract 4- 46.20 acres; Tract 5- 67 acres; Tract 6 on Ky. 356.