Property Transfers

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By The Staff


John Swinford-Executor of the Estate of Tommie T. McKenney to Michael Brogli and Evelyn Brogli, property on Pleasant Street, $23,000.

John W. Turley and Jessica D. Turley to Laura Martin, Lot 23 of Edgewater Estates, $34,500.

Robert G. Case to Nathaniel J. Yoder, 54.0067 acres, $175,000.

Warranty Deed: Betty Jean Gregory and Kelly Gregory to Charles Edward Brumley Sr., property on Lakewood Drive, 1.0 acre.

Carl E. Pergram and Judy M. Pergram to Gary Pergram, 3 acres on Cynthiana and Claysville Turnpike Road, $95,000.

Connie Burden and Candy Stubbs to Jarrod Brunker, 2.000 acres on Commonwealth Road.

Quitclaim Deed: Connie Burden and Kenny Burden to Candy Stubbs, Parcel 4 - 72.72 acres in Harrison County, $45,000.

Connie Burden and Candy Stubbs to Candy Stubbs-Co-Executor for the Estate of Virginia Ruth Spegal to Candy Stubbs, 4.900 acres on Commonwealth Road.

Candy Stubbs and Mark Stubbs to Connie Burden, Parcel 2, 72.46 acres in Harrison County.

DGS Development, LTD to James Mangum and Karen Mangum, Tract 16 - Junction Farms, $49,500.

General Warranty Deed: Lenny Hatch to DGS Development, LTD, Tract 16 - Junction Farms.

Barry Dean Turner to Bryan Thomas and Kathie Thomas, 4.00 acres on US 62, $63,000.

Eva V. Malone to Rebecca L. Northcutt and Wesley Northcutt, 36 acres in Harrison County, $77,500.

Merrill Northcutt Jr. to Scott O. Northcutt and Kristen E. Northcutt, 13.04 acres on Poindexter and Bowman Mill Turnpike West, $75,000.

John D. Sims and Judith C. Stephens, Mary Kay Hendricks-Trustee to John D. Sims and Judith C. Stephens, Lot 24 - Block A - Unit 2-A of the Country Club Estates Subdivision.

Barry Turner to Julio Contreras and Maria Contreras, 2.255 acres on Needmore-Colemansville Road (Ky. 1032), $6,000.

Special Warranty Deed: Bank of New York as Trustee to Harry L. Gibson and Delores I. Gibson, 1.17 acres on Greys Run Road, $50,000.

Beulah R. Fields to DGS Development, LTD, Parcel I - 343.258 acres on White Oak Pike (Ky. 356); Parcel 2 - 7.512 acres on Hinton Pike, $412,500.

Devorah D. Herbst and Paul D. Herbst to Devorah D. Herbst, 48.14 acres on Corinth-Hinton Road, $1.

Joel Thomas Traylor and Tammy Jean Traylor to Greg Traylor and Mandy Traylor, 22.2459 acres on Martin Road, $25,000.

William C. Jett and Nora Browning to Patricia Hicks and Henry M. Stroub, 88 acres on the waters of Stratton Run, $35,000.

Mark W. Pergram and Michelle L. Pergram to Carl E. Pergram and Judy M. Pergram, Parcel 2 - 1.541 acres on White Oak Pike (Ky. 356), $105,000.

Shimfessell-Hicks Properties, Inc., by and through Judith Shimfessell Hicks and Clyde Hicks to Kenneth R. Williams, property on Elmarch Avenue, $32,500.

Wendell Drakeford and Vickie Drakeford to Jeffrey Henry, Lot 5 of final plat for Wendell Drakeford Property, $12,900.

DGS Development, LTD to Malcolm Feltner, Tract 4 - Junction Farms, $46,600.

General Warranty Deed: DGS Development, LTD to Connie S. Ingle, Tract 3 - Hendricks Road Land Division, $57,932.19.

James A. Blake and Marianne Blake to Bennie V. Congioloso and Euritha  Congioloso, 6.8983 acres on Hunts Lane, $131,000.

Sharon Howard to Arthur G. Vance and Carolyn Vance, Lot B, West Section of Lots 11 and 12 of Block G, $62,500.

Roy Parks and Bonnie Parks to Raymond Rawlings and Josephine Rawlings, 11.291 acres on Two Lick Road, $26,251.58.

Special Warranty Deed: HSBC Bank, USA to Merrill E. Northcutt and Goldie Northcutt, 2 Tracts in City of Berry, $22,500.