Property Transfers

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By The Staff



D.W. Inc. to Harry Sowers Jr. and Darlene Sowers, Lot 3 on Keller Waits Lane, $38,000.


General  Warranty Deed: Brian C. Hassall and Michelle M. Hassall to Harold S. Rudnick and Ruth A. Rudnick, property at 1884 Hwy. 1284, Berry, Ky., $270,000.


Darwin E. Root and Linda J. Root to Robert C. Broaddus and Allison Broaddus, Lot 14 - Block D - Unit 2-B of Country Club Estates Subdivision, $187,000.


Mildred Fuller to Brian Hassall and Michelle Hassall, Lot 3 - Block B - Unit 1 of Grandview Addition (Grandview Drive), $150,000.


Gary Raymond Palmer and Delores Palmer to Karyl Leigh White, Kathleen Reed Tucker and James Thomas Tucker, Jeryl Whitson and Gayle Whitson, 2 Parcels on White Oak Pike (Ky. 356).


Karyl Leigh White, Kathleen Reed Tucker and James Thomas Tucker, Delores Palmer, Jeryl Whitson and Gayle Whitson to Gary Raymond Palmer, Parcel 3, White Oak Pike (Ky. 356).


Frederick D. Pensinger Jr. and Sherri Lynn Pensinger to Desmond Canter and Judith D. Canter, 2 Parcels in Harrison County, $174,500.


Quit Claim Deed: Melissa A. McCay to Mark A. McCay, property on US 27.


Quit  Claim Deed: Commonwealth of Kentucky/Transportation Department to Harrison County Fiscal Court, property on Durbintown Road.


Land Contract: Mark Stubbs and Candy Stubbs to Kevin Stephens and Sherry Stephens, tract of land at the intersection of US 27 and Waits Lane, $224,000.


Peyton Everett Newby to Betty Keathley, Lot 2 on Dutch Chapel Road.


Lease/Purchase Agreement: Mark Doyle and Julie Doyle to Mike Perkins, Sean Sumpter and Heather Sumpter, property on Oddville, Avena and Sunrise Turnpike, $137,500.


Anna Mae Ishmael to Neil R. Ishmael, house and lot at 208 Fourth St. (Lot 4 - Block F in Belmont Addition).


Anna M. Ishmael to Brian G. Ishmael and Stacy Ishmael and Ishmael Properties, LLC, Lot 2 (408 N. Locust St.), $1.


Judy Godman to Maiden City Building, LLC, property on Webster Avenue Extension in the Monticello Heights Addition, $40,000.


Frankie F. Sumpter to Beverly J. England to Frankie F. Sumpter and Frankie R. Sumpter, 3 tracts in Harrison County.


Special Warranty Deed: Household Finance Corporation II to Joseph Adam Yazell and Jennifer Smiley Yazell, property at 401 Earl Lane, Berry, $17,900.


DGS Development, LTD to James Mangum and Karen Mangum, Tracts 24 and 25 - Junction Farms, $89,500.


Sole Ownership - Cash Deed for Kentucky: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Mark Johnson, property at 4446 Ky. Hwy. 1842 N., $48,600.


AA Real Estate and Development, Inc. to John D. Mallory, Lot 1 - Block F - Unit 1-B of White Oak Estates Subdivision, $83,500.


Kenneth W. Horn and Judy Horn to Barry L. Zumwalt and Tammy J. Zumwalt, property at Lot 18 - Block B - Licking Valley Estates Subdivision (20 Licking Valley Road), $139,000.