Property Transfers

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By The Staff


Land Contract: Betty Lipscombe to Denny Depree Lipscombe, property in Cynthiana, $35,650.

Donald R. Ritchie and Wanda L. Ritchie to William N. Eals, property in Harrison County, $69,500.

Larry T. Lail and Debbie M. Lail to Phillip Brandenburg, 4.250 acres in Harrison County, $46,900.

Ronald R. Hatfield and Debbie H. Hatfield to Carroll A. Crowl, 3 Tracts in Harrison County: Tract 1- 23 acres; Tract 2- 8.36 acres; Tract 3- 29.80 acres; $380,000.

Quitclaim Deed: Jay Scott Ballard to J.W. Ballard, 21.651 acres on Coppage Pike, 30.897 acres on Ky. 3044 (Jacobs Lane); $1.

Estate of Alice Cook Ratliff, by and through Alisa L. Littrell as administratrix to J.W. Ballard, 21.651 acres on Coppage Pike, 30.897 acres on Ky. 3044 (Jacobs Lane); $149,000.

Robert Bruce Sorrell to Ronald R. Hatfield and Deborah Hatfield, Lot 44 - Block A - Unit 2-B of Country Club Estates Subdivision, $265,000.

Special Warranty Deed: HSBC Bank USA to Christopher W. Gray and Jodi Gray, Lot 1 - Block A - Unit 1-D of White Oak Estates, $68,000.

Elizabeth Whitson to Michael Brogli and Evelyn Brogli, property on East Pike Street, $32,000.

Pauline Lyons Franklin to the City of Cynthiana, property on West Mill Street, $46,000.

Anna Stella Simpson to the City of Cynthiana, Lot 8 of Clary’s Addition, $31,000.

Mary K. Taylor to Timothy H. Brown and Sandra K. Brown, 2 Parcels in Harrison County: Parcel 1 - Tract 2- 15.08 acres; Parcel 2- 3.40 acres.

Timothy H. Brown and Sandra K. Brown to Richard Ingwerson, 2 Parcels in Harrison County: Parcel 1 - Tract 2- 15.08 acres; Parcel 2- 3.40 acres; $26,000.

Special Warranty Deed: Linda H. Murphy- Executrix of the Estate of Florence Hiten to Linda H. Murphy and Bradley G.R. Hiten, property at 2008 Hicks Pike, 5 acres, $1.

Bobby Tucker to Steve Fogle, 6.4949 acres on Stringtown-Webber Road, $10,454.52.

Bobby Tucker to Mark Fogle, 2.00 acres on Stringtown-Webber Road, $10,454.53.

Anthony Allen Arrowood to Gene Tackett and Anita Tackett, 3.29 acres on Ky. 36, $30,000.

Jimmy T. Mullen and Marianne Mullen to Michael O. Cravens Jr. and Sheri A. Cravens and Michael O. Cravens, property on Main Street in Leesburg, Ky., $98,000.

Scott Herrington and Marlene Herrington to Mark Andrew Garabrandt, 2 Tracts on South Licking River in Harrison County, $66,000.

Deed-Warranty: Holiday Homes Inc. to David A. Myer, property at 684 Shawhan Road, Berry, 6.800 acres, $9,800.

Ronald L. Feeback and Diane Feeback to Joshua D. Collins, Tract 4 on Grays Run Turnpike, 1 acre; $101,000.

Quitclaim Deed: Richard B. Slade II to Richard B. Slade II and Kimberly D. Slade, 6.068 acres at 4586 US Hwy. 27.

Justin R. Rawlings and Jaclyn L. Rawlings to April D. Claypool, property on Dutch Chapel Road, $113,000.

CitiMortgage, Inc. to Matt Pendley, Lot 4 - Section A - 2.17 acres in the Todd Lane Subdivision (Stevens-Webber Pike), $93,000.

Lloyd William Milner and Betty Jean Milner to Joel Thomas Traylor and Tammy Jean Traylor, 3 Tracts in Harrison County: Tract 1- Lot 9, 4.070 acres; Tract 2- Lot 14, 24.806 acres; Tract 3- Lot 11, 2.806 acres; $40,000.

Quitclaim Deed: Otis Harold Hardy to Johnie and Rebecca Cunningham, Tract 6- Eureka Road Land Division.

Chrystal Blackburn to Susan E. Bohn, 3 Tracts of the Minor Subdivision Plat: Tract 1- 5.08 acres; Tract 2- 5.08 acres; Tract 3- 5.07 acres; $100,000.

Warranty Deed: Larry Wayne Dickey and Susan Denee Browning to Susan D. Dickey and Larry W. Dickey, Lot 2 at 324 Old Georgetown Road, $10.

Quitclaim Deed: Richard L. Alderson to DA Stables LLC, 37.1805 acres on Hicks Pike, $1.

Quitclaim Deed: Seth Ankeny and Elizabeth Ankeny to Dalton J. Fulton and Eileen M. Fulton, Lot 5 of the Van Deren Estates Subdivision.

Edward R. Fisher and Denise Fisher to Gregory L. Courtney and Pamela R. Courtney, Tract 1 - Lang Road Land Division in Harrison and Pendleton counties, $99,000.

Daniel W. Switzer and Carol E. Switzer to Eli Switzer and Susan J. Switzer, 1.679 acres on Williamstown Road (US 36).

Paula Fryman Adams, Sandra F. Fryman, Sharon B. Fryman to William Russell Adams, 2.338 acres on Barlow Road.

Randy Joe Northcutt and Ernestine Northcutt to the City of Cynthiana, Lot 3 at 220 W. Mill St., $35,000.

Charles Hall and Peggy Hall to the City of Cynthiana, house and lot at 214 W. Mill St., $24,000.