Property Transfers

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By The Staff


Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure: Jacob Howard to Household Financial Corporation II, property in Harrison County, $1.

The City of Cynthiana, Ky. to Community Action Council for Lexington-Fayette, Bourbon, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Inc., Lot 4 on West Mill Street, $1.

Kevin Dale Florence and Michelle Florence to Maiden City Building, LLC, property on Webster Avenue, $50,000.

Quit Claim Deed: Timothy W. Chisholm and Christine E. Chisholm to Theodore Gleis and Mary Jo Gleis, 25.187 acres on Sunrise-Havilandsville Road, $1.

Deed and Consideration Certificate: Mike Luttrell and Ruth Luttrell to John J. Redding and Heather D. Redding, Tract 23 of Maric Farm No. 7, $18,000.

Deed in Lieu: Leon T. Wills and Mildred M. Wills to Whitaker Bank, Inc., house and lot on Elmarch Avenue (Lot 12), $1.

Deed in Lieu: Leon T. Wills and Mildred M. Wills to Whitaker Bank, Inc., two tracts in Cynthiana, Tract 1- Oddville Avenue; Tract 2- property on Liberty Street, $1.

Leon Curtis-Executor for the Estate of Christine Curtis, Leon Curtis and Katy H. Curtis, Bobby Leroy Curtis, Sue Ann Taylor and Ollie L. Taylor, Johnny Ray Curtis and Kitty B. Curtis, Jessica Ray Curtis to Jamison L. Brooks, property on McDowell Street, $39,000.

Gary L. Bonzo and Gui Xiang Bonzo to Tyler W. Gossett and Jennifer H. Gossett, 42.426 acres on Leesburg Pike (US 62), $335,000.

Lauren Smead and Chad Devitt to Jeffery L. Turpin and Heidi M. Turpin, Tract 4 0 7.6127 acres - in Waits Road Land Division Subdivision, $215,000.

Special Warranty Deed: MorEquity, Inc. to Angela Ruth Turner, 50.7690 acres on Corinth-Stringtown Road, $95,500.

Quit Claim Deed: CSX Transportation, Inc. to Commonwealth of Kentucky, for use and benefit of the Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways (US 27 Bridge Replacement), Parcel No. 203, CSX Railroad, $3,500.

General Warranty Deed: Melanie V. Reynolds (Melanie Horel) and Jason Reynolds to Melanie Reynolds, 12.9219 acres on Hinton-Corinth Road.

Lamar Mullins Sr. and Lamar Mullins Jr. to the City of Cynthiana, Ky., property on Mill Street, $4,000.

D.W. Inc. to Robert Wiley and Teresa Wiley, Lot 2 - 5.000 acres - on Keller Waits Lane, $40,000.

Amelia H. Nichols to Charlene F. Looney, Parcel 1 on Junction Pike, 1.289 acres, $87,000.

William E. Cline and Bonnie S. Cline to Daniel Scott Cline, property in Baltzelltown Addition.

William F. Kohler to Mark James Geotz and Barbara Ann Geotz, 62.93 acres on Ky. 1032 (Needmore-Colemansville Road), $75,000.

Quit Claim Deed: Raymond E. Whalen and Judy Whalen to Raymond E. Whalen and Judy Whalen, 2 Parcels on Bowman’s Mill Road; Parcel 1- 36 acres; Parcel 2- 40 acres.

Quit Claim Deed: Clara J. Frederick to Sandra J. Pack, 44.60 acres at 221 Criswell Road, Berry, $1.

Terry N. Dotson and Venita Dotson to Barry Dean Turner, 5 acres in Harrison County, $12,000.

Joe Chambers and Helen Chambers to Gary K. Daniel and Karen L. Daniel, 2 Parcels in Harrison County: Parcel I- Tract 1 - 17.45 acres on waters of Crooked Creek (Needmore-Colemansville Pike); Parcel II- Tract 1- 100 acres on Stringtown and Colemansville Turnpike, Tract 2- 1/2 acre on Berry-Colemansville-Stringtown Turnpike; $150,000.