Property Transfers

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By The Staff


First Development, LLC to Kenneth W. Wiglesworth and Beatrice Wiglesworth, Lot 9 in Phase 1 of White Oak Trail Estates, $27,000.

Quitclaim Deed: Nathaniel Lewis Wedding to Misti Shannon Dixon, 1.61 acres on Kendall Branch Road.

Donald Shepherd to Stewart L. Redden, Lot 21 - Section A of the Lakeview Subdivision, $119,000.

General Warranty Deed: William T. Burden and Bettie J. Burden to Thomas Hearn, 3 Tracts in Harrison County on Mattox Road: Tract 1- Parcel 2- 10.132 acres; Tract 2- 3.31 acres; Tract 3- 5.57 acres; $130,000.

Gary K. Mastin and Elizabeth A. Roe-Mastin to Ted J. Thomas and Sherry L. Thomas, Tract 12 - 2.000 acres on New Lair Pike (Old U.S. 27), $173,000.

Michael Brogli and Evelyn Brogli to Jason W. Rogers and Charlotte H. Rogers, Parcel 3 - 24.956 acres on White Oak-Tricum Pike (Ky. 1842), $105,000.

Bobby G. Kiskaden and Bobby G. Kiskaden Jr. to Joe Chambers and Helen Chambers, 4.6714 acres on Ky. Hwy. 36, $5,000.

Michael D. Adams and Joy L. Adams to Amanda Askin and Daniel Askin, 5.332 acres on Casey Mill Road.

Pamela S. Arnold and John W. Arnold to Kelly A. Barnett, Lot 21 - Unit 2 of the Grandview Company (Taylor Drive), $150,000.

Morris Grizzle and Linda H. Grizzle to Colleen J. Honey and Anthony G. Honey, Lot 21 - Block A - Unit 2 of Cedar Brook Subdivision, $79,900.

Quitclaim Deed: Kelly A. Barnett to Glenn G. Barnett, 33.779 acres on Floyd Lair Lane, Harrison County.