Property Transfers

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Kiana Patrice Walker to Robert Walker, property on West Penn Street.
Quit Claim Deed: American Homeowner Preservation Fund, LP to U.S. Bank Trust National Association, property at Lot 22, Block C (134 N. Elmarch Ave.), $10.
Vicky Casey Ritchie to Joseph Adam Yazell and Jennifer Smiley Yazell, property on Berry-Renaker Road, $50,000.
Shawn Ritchey and Elizabeth Ritchey and Scott Herrington and Marlene Herrington to Kevin Spaulding and Karla A. Spaulding, property on Ky. 1032 (Needmore-Colmansville Road), $120,000.
Candace Dailey Field and Thomas E. Field, Lisabeth Dailey Ogle and Gary Ogle, Thomas R. Dailey and Teresa P. Dailey, Virginia Dailey Lewis to Stanley F. Lemons, property on East Pike Street, $60,000.
Emily Kay Barrett to Michael Charles Sebring, property on McDowell Road and Moore Road, $15,000.
Dean C. Ostrander and Carol Carter Ostrander to Kent Ward Ostrander, property on Berry-Kelat Road, $58,665.
General Warranty Deed: JoAnn Himes to Enos D. Miller and Mary E. Miller, property at 4933 US Hwy. 62 East, $175,000.
Jerome Louis Krumpelman Jr., and Ruth S. Krumpelman to Ruth S. Krumpelman-Trustee of the Jerome Krumpelman Irrevocable Trust, property near Hinton, Harrison County.
David Scott Burke and Deborah F. Burke to Anthony J. Roberts and Rhonda F. Roberts,  property on Oddville Pike (US 62), $1,250.
Joe W. Grayson and Elizabeth L. Grayson and Christopher W. Turner to Joe W. Grayson and Elizabeth L. Grayson, Lot 2 in Harrison County.
David Edwards and Brenda Edwards to Kendall Techau and Mary Techau, property in the Judy Ridge Land Division, $175,000.
Mark R. Marsh and Delores C. Marsh to Larry Wells and Diana Wells, property on North Second Street, Berry, $32,220.
Patti W. Edwards to Gregory J. Shirley and Diana L. Shirley, property on US 27, $185,000.
Special Deed-Warranty:  Marge Maldonado to John M. Elligson Jr., property at 103 Third Street, Cynthiana, $1.
Stratton Properties, Inc. to Donald Bottoms, property on Ky. Hwy. 32, $6,500.
Deed and Consideration Certificate: JMB Foundation LLC to Connie D. Reffett, property on Grandview Drive (Lot 1 - Block B), $269,500.
Quit Claim Deed: City of Cynthiana, Kentucky to Harrison County Public Library District, property in Harrison County.
Quit Claim Deed: Harrison County Public Library District to City of Cynthiana, Kentucky, property in Harrison County.
Louis M. Doty and Patricia J. Doty to Carver P. Hill, Lot 5 - Block B - Reynolds Estate Subdivision, $115,000.
James W. Burgess to Frank Mink and Kelly Mink, property in Harrison County on the waters of Raven Creek near Hinton Station, $340,000.
Linda Hatterick to Erika M. Carter and Jarrod Carter, Lot 25 - Block A of Licking Valley Estate Subdivision, $127,000.
Marty L. Waits and Dana A. Waits to Justin H. Burns and Kristin C. Burns, property in Harrison County, $165,000.
Arthur D. Mann and Betty J. Mann to Lisa G. Purdon, property on Old Lair Pike, $68,000.
Special Warranty Deed: Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) to Evan Lallier, property at 546 Falmouth-Sunrise Road, Berry, Ky., $21,000.
Sam C. Roe and Emily A. Roe and Eddie G. Roe and Kimberly R. Roe to Steven Dennis, property on Lail Lane (Harrison/Bourbon County), $300,000.
Brian L. Kinney to Alicia E. Kinney, Lot 20 - Block A of Licking Valley Estates Subdivision (539 Country Lane), $155,000.