Property Transfers

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Susan and Timothy Fryman and Joe L. Murphy and Steven Murphy to MSJ Construction Company, Lot 1 - Unit 3 - Block A of the White Oak Estates Subdivision, $154,500.
James T. McDermott to Joseph I. Brannock, property on Westgate Drive, Harrison County, $56,900.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jeremy Baxter and Megan Baxter, property in the Hattie McKee Land Division, Sadieville, Ky., $60,000.
Deed and Consideration Certificate: Billy French and Tracey French to Alexander N. Hein and Staci S. Hein, property on Robinson Road, $75,723.94.
Deed and Consideration Certificate: Travis C. Wright and Samantha G. Wright to Larry Mattox, Lot 14 - Block D of the Western Hills Subdivision, $130,000.
Special Warranty Deed: U.S. Bank National Association-as Trustee to Larry W. Hunt, Lot 3 - Block C of the Cedar Brook Subdivision, $43,000.
General Warranty Deed: DGS Development, LTD to Joy Turner, Tracts 9 and 12 of the Hendricks Road Land Division, Harrison County, $82,000.
Clarence Jackson Fightmaster and Tracy Fightmaster, James David Fightmaster, and Donna Carol Fightmaster to Jo Ann Fightmaster, property located in Scott County, Ky. on Dividing Ridge Road, $1.
Northco, Inc. to Neil Reed Ishmael, Lot 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 in Harrison County, $30,000.
Joshua R. Hughes and Keri Lynn Basham to Southpoint Properties, LLC, property on Rutland Road, Harrison County, $173,000.
Henry Monroe Brinker and Henrietta Brinker to Glen Monroe Brinker and Patrick Brinker, property in Harrison County.
Marjorie C. Rainey to Darryl Rainey and Donna R. Clifford, property in Harrison County on the Falmouth-Claysville turnpike.
Donna R. Clifford and Charles Rogan Clifford to Darryl Rainey and Iva Joyce Rainey, property in Harrison County on the Falmouth-Claysville turnpike, $30,000.
Ruby McNees and Patricia M. Hicks to William Patrick Hicks, property on Union Pike.
Darrell Perkins and Barbara Perkins to Kenneth Wayne Perkins, property on Dryden Road.
Ruby McNees and Patricia M. Hicks to Branden Thomas Hicks and William Patrick Hicks, property in Harrison County.
Matthew E. Hackman and Deborah L. Hackman to Jeffrey L. Turpin and Heidi M. Turpin, property on Colby Road, $162,000.
Luther O. Beckett, by and through his Attorney-in-Fact, Nancy M. Beckett and Nancy P. Beckett to Darrin Beckett, property in Harrison County, $1.
Edward Bragg, Katherine Stiehl, Sharon Justice, Edward Bragg and Jeannie K. Bragg, David Bragg, Katherine Stiehl and Robert W. Stiehl, Sharon Justice and Daniel Justice, Rachel Knapp and Frank E. Knapp, Rebecca MacKenzie and Kevin L. MacKenzie to William Andy Wagoner and Nancy V. Wagoner, Lot 10 of Sonley Heights Subdivision - Unit 2, $85,000.
Sole Ownership--Cash Deed for Kentucky: Pemco Limited, LTD to Phillip H. Nickell, property on Commonwealth Road, $29,500.
Michael Osborne and Judy Osborne to Jessica Frazier and Kelly Jones, property on Williamstown Road (Ky. 36), Harrison County, $108,250.
Quit Claim Deed: Faith Ann Owsley, Nikki Lizer and Kyle Lizer, Nina Owsley to City of Cynthiana, Ky., property on Webster Avenue and Old Lair Road, $10.
Vernon Dean Sharp and Brenda Sharp to Brian Sharp, property on Leesburg Pike (US 62).
Vernon Dean Sharp and Brenda Sharp to Kenneth Dean Sharp, property on Leesburg Pike (US 62).
Mary Sue Coppage-Trustee under the Mary Sue Coppage Revocable Living Trust to Jaime Luevano and Melissa Maybrier Luevano, property on Oddville Avenue, $35,000.
Michael G. Workman and Cheri G. Workman to Wesley D. Halcomb and Courtney Fletcher, property in Lakeview Subdivision, $181,000.
Wayne T. Cordray and Mary Ann Cordray to Kimberly Stanfield to Wayne T. Cordray and Mary Ann Cordray, property on Mouth of Cedar Road.
Thomas R. Dailey and Teresa Dailey to Tait J. Strand and Mary Elizabeth Strand, property on Pike Street, $107,000.
General Warranty Deed: Ronald Steven Young and Allisa Young to Crystal B. Aulds and Lesley L. Aulds, property at Ky. 1842 Land Division (280 Emerald Lane), $134,500.
Warranty Deed: Arturo V. Hall and Dawn R. Hall to Arturo V.E. Hall-Trustee and Dawn R. Hall-Trustee, property in the Buena Vista Precinct, Harrison County, $1.
CitiMortgage, Inc. to Terry S. Burton Jr., property on the Oddville and Claysville Turnpike road, $10,000.
Quit Claim Deed: Timothy L. Roland to Paula W. Roland, property on Petty Road.
Mathew S. Beil and Christina Beil to Crystal A. Sparks and Bradley C. Sparks, property on Republican Pike (Ky. 392), $185,000.
Fiduciary Deed: Ronald L. Giles-as Executor of the Estate of Orene William Giles to Ronald S. Young and Allisa Young, property at 280 Wornall Lane, $120,000.
Kentucky Bank to Brett Alan Hines and Kandi Sue Hines, property on North Main Street, $275,000.
Land Contract Sale: Larry and Mary Williams to Deborah Hiler, property on Ammerman Lane.
The Randall E. and Virginia H. Ashbrook Family Limited partnership to Luanne Ashbrook Wilson and Michael Robert Wilson, property on Waits Road.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee for Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust to Shawn Ritchey and Elizabeth Ritchey, Lot 4 - Block F - Unit 1-B of White Oak Estate, $49,799.
Quit Claim Deed: Miriah L. Eden to Bradford W. Eden, property on White Oak Pike.
Quit Claim Deed: Miriah L. Eden to Bradford W. Eden, Lot 28 of the Colony East Subdivision.
General Warranty Deed: DGS Development, LTD to Scott M. Zeltt and Sheila L. Seltt, Parcels 4, 5, 6, 7 of Pedro Pike Farms, $238,000.
Quit Claim Deed: William Hicks to Jessica Hicks, property on Pedro Pike.
Jeremy Hill and Alitia M. Hill and Jack Martin Goins-as Trustee to Jeremy Hill and Alitia M. Hill, property on Kelat and Cynthiana Highway.
William T. McNees II and Elizabeth N. McNees and William Ashley McNees and Nicole McNees to Beth McNees Case and Randall Case, property on Carl Stevens Road (Ky. 1743).
General Warranty Deed: Ricky L. Mattox and Monica J. Mattox to Adam R. Mattox and Lauren D. Mattox, Lot B of the Kentucky Builders Sub Division on Ky. Hwy. 356., $123,000.
Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Association) to Randy Northcutt, property located in Harrison County, $13,000.
Desha Point Development, LLC to Robert W. Switzer IV and Cheryl Lynne Switzer, property on Desha Drive, $40,500.

Sarah Sanchez and Bulmaro Sanchez Regalado to Daniel D. Stever and Rebecca Schnelle, property on Silas Road, Bourbon and Harrison County, $85,000.
General Warranty Deed: John M. Dawson and Brandie Dawson to David William Duncan, Lot 13 - Block B - Unit 4-B in Sonley Heights Subdivision (110 Sonley Drive), $139,000.
Quit Claim Deed: Kellyn Ann Hyatt to Dennis Hyatt, property on Lower Curry Road.
Benjamin Hyatt and Abby Hyatt to Dennis Hyatt and Anna C. Hyatt, property on Lower Curry Road, $85,000.
Quit Claim Deed: Steven T. Parsons II to Neil Ishmael and Meredith E. Ishmael, property on the Robinson and Renaker Turnpike.
General Warranty Deed: ESS Holdings, LLC to David L. Baker, Lot 5 - Block F - Unit 1-B of the White Oak Estates Subdivision, $80,000.
Linda C. Simpson and John R. Simpson to Sean R. Whitaker, Lot 2 - Block A - Unit III in Sonley Heights Subdivision, $93,000.
Mary Landsberg to Chrissy N. Jones, Lot 16 - Unit 1 in the Robynwood Heights Subdivision (102 Cedar Crest Court), $78,000.
Kelly J. Hill, Co-Executrix of the Estate of Charles Thomas Cooper and Terri J. Vest, Co-Executrix of the Estate of Charles Thomas Cooper to Wayne E. Teals, property on Berry-Robinson Road, $35,000.
James Brooks and Ana Mae Brooks and Mary Kay Hendricks-Trustee, to Ana Mae Brooks and Peggy Jo Perry, property at 512 Harrison Ave., $34,000.
Eric J. Moore and Ginger L. Moore to Kenneth R. Williams, Lot 18 - Bock A in Hyde Park Addition, $25,000.
Larry Russell Moody to Allen L. Arthur and Allyson K. Arthur, property on White Oak-Tricum Pike (Ky. 1842), $80,000.
Sole Ownership-Cash Deed for Kentucky: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Beyond All Limits LLC, Lot 2 - Unit 1 in the Robynwood Heights Subdivision (305 Old Lair Road), $48,300.
Paul E. Hyatt and Alice F. Hyatt to James E. Evans, property at 2663 Old Lair Road, $100,000.
General Warranty Deed: DGS Development, LTD to William E. Soucie and Lorilyn M. Soucie, Tract 4 of the Robinson-Renaker Road Land Division, $139,000.
Charles M. Cox and Frances Cox to Shannon Tyler Clem and Ashlee Marie Arnold, property on North Elmarch Avenue, $42,000.
Allen L. Arthur and Allyson K. Arthur to Lawarence J. Butler and Erin M. Butler, property on Bridgeway Pike (Ky. 36), $220,000.
General Warranty Deed: Darrell Joe Jenkins to Thomas G. Ruthman, property in Harrison County, $325,000.
Georgianna Chatman to Christopher Mark Reeves and Tawna Reeves, property on Leesburg-Leeslick Road (Ky. 1842), $143,000.
Don L. Lemons and Effie M. Lemons to Sharon A. Huffman,  property on Apple Lane.