Property Transfers

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Kenneth W. Clemons II and Rebecca L. Clemons to Michael Tod Sosbe and Angela Dawn Sosbe, property on Ky. 1743 (Carl Stevens Road), $230,000.
Special/Limited Warranty Deed: JP Morgan Chase Bank Natonal Association to Stephen Staggs, property at 195 Parkland Heights, $145,000.
Quit Claim Deed: Shaun B. Faulkner to Tyler P. Faulkner, Lot 5 of the Monroe Land Division (269 Monroe Lane).
Randy Northcutt and Tina Northcutt to Tony Perraut and Kim Perraut, Lot 1 in Gasser Subdivision, $45,000.
Quit Claim Deed: Donald Rees Palmer and Carolyn F. Palmer, John Davis Palmer and Yvonne M. Palmer, Jerry Thomas Palmer, Darrell Gene Palmer, Billy Wayne Palmer to Jennings Bruce Palmer, property on Nature Lane.
Joe C. Bodkin for the Estate of Sally K. Bodkin, to Joe C. Bodkin and Jody L. Bodkin, property on Leeslick Pike.
Kentucky Bank to Jason L. Johnson and Nicole R. Johnson, property on North Elmarch Avenue, $58,500.
Jennings Bruce Palmer and Darrell Gene Palmer and Sam W. Arnold III to Jennings Bruce Palmer and Darrell Gene Palmer, Lot 9 - Unit 1 - Sonley Heights Subdivision (556 E. Pike St.).
Kenneth R. Dillow and Rhonda K. Dillow to Robert E. Vanhook and Sandra P. Vanhook, property on Grays Run Pike, $252,000.
Peggy Blackburn and Carl Ross Blackburn Jr. to Leslie Mullett and Vernon Mullett, property on White Oak Pike, $130,000.
Sole Ownership - Cash Deed for Kentucky: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jessica L. Kearns, property at 2039 Rocky Springs Road, $129,500.
Bradley G. Yearsley and Andrea D. Yearsley to Robert Hamilton and Erynne Hamilton, property in Harrison County, $130,000.