Prevention should be exercised more

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To the editor:
In light of recent events I have been left with a resonating sadness for the loss of such a young life. A teenage girl who must have felt so lost that her only option was to take her own life, how does this happen? I am forced to ask myself as a concerned parent “How is it that we are failing our youth?”
The issue of bullying is spiraling wildly out of control and lives are being lost. Not just any lives, but the lives of our youth who have barely experienced what the word “life” means.
We as a community and nation have got to unite and counter these attacks head on! Through engaging and educating our youth! There are several types of bullying and many adolescents may not even know that their teasing or posts on Facebook are in fact a type of bullying. Studies also suggest that 90 percent of adolescents do not even bother reporting bullying. Our schools and parents must address this fatal issue now. It is not only the responsibility of our administration but very much the responsibility of us as parents. Teach your children compassion, humility and implement consequences for the lack of. Your child’s character starts with you. Prevention is our strongest weapon.

Sad but hopeful for the future,
Susan Arnett Switzer
Cynthiana, Ky.