Police seek arrest for man with pockets of coins

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By Becky Barnes

Police have issued an arrest warrant for a 21-year-old Cynthiana man after catching him with pockets full of change and other property taken from vehicles.

Cynthiana Police Ptl. Nathan Linville said he and Ptl. Dottie Batte were dispatched to the area of Fifth and Broadway around 3:45 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 17, after a resident reported finding a man inside his truck.

Linville said Matthew Morgan told his wife Hannah to get his gun and call the police.

Linville said he turned onto Third Street and noticed Dakota Hackney, 21, trying to walk and hold his pants up. He also matched the description given by the Morgans.

“He didn’t try to run,” said Linville, noting that his pockets were so full of change they were weighing his pants down.

Hackney pulled two cell phones, a Magellan GPS system, a bottle of Rue21 Black cologne, a pink stun gun and $40.16 in coins.

Hackney told police that everything he had in his pockets belonged to him and that he had been at his mother’s house at the corner of Fourth and Broadway.

Linville told Hackney that he was keeping the property until other vehicles could be checked.

The home address on the GPS led police to 410 Broadway, which is the home of Caitlin Foster.

After searching her vehicle, Foster verified that her GPS system was missing from her car.

While checking the area for other unlocked vehicles, it was determined that Jacklyn Highlander’s car was unlocked and appeared to have been gone through.

Highlander told police that she was missing a stun gun, cell phone and $5 in change.

Nothing was taken from the Morgans’ truck. However, they did provide security video from their home system.

Linville urged residents to lock their vehicles. He said while checking the area he found another six vehicles that were unlocked.

He said they did not appear to have been disturbed. However, there were items recovered from the suspect for which ownership has not been determined.

One of the vehicles that was pillaged also had the keys in the ignition and an iPhone that was not taken.

Linville said that while it’s unlikely that a citation would ever be issued to a victim of a theft, there is a KRS on the books that states that it is illegal to leave the keys in the ignition.

 An arrest warrant was issued Monday for Hackney on three counts of theft from a motor vehicle and one count of criminal attempt.