Playing for fun?

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Mike's Minutes: Is a tie game like kissing your sister?

By Mike Aldridge

The decision, apparently made by Pendleton County, to not participate in the district contest and to drop Highlands and Covington Catholic from their schedule baffles me somewhat.  
Let me first say that it is none of my business and that I have no dogs in the hunt, but still I wonder about it.  
I understand perfectly why playing Highlands and Covington Catholic is difficult. Highlands will have more players to receive college scholarships than Pendleton County probably will have players, and Covington Catholic, according to folk legend, can recruit and pick up anyone they want. Still, I would play them.  
I just don’t like the message that is being sent by refusing to do so when they are in the district.  
If we avoid all things difficult we soon will be sitting on the couch eating bon bons and watching television, unless the remote quits.  
It is just not the message that the young people should be getting from their school.  
Yes, someone could be injured, but that is not anymore likely facing a good opponent than a bad one and in fact, could be less likely.  
The good teams and the good players are taught the proper techniques and while they may hit you hard, they have been taught the proper methods.  
Instead I would set my goal to getting better beginning with my peewee program so I could compete with them.  
This will not happen over night but by doing so a program would improve enough to win other games and have enough success that one day they would be able to compete with the big boys.  
Just a thought not a criticism.  
I watched the opening Fillies soccer game Monday evening which ended in a tie with Anderson County.  
The girls played hard and the coaches coached hard and the referees were there and Mr. Thomas announced the game at his best, but the game was a tie.  No one won.  
Seems like a lot of trouble to go to and a lot of people doing their best work for no one to win.  
Now I will admit that soccer was not a sport when I was in high school in the dark ages but I do not understand playing to a tie.  
Can you imagine Knute Rockne saying “Let’s tie one for the Gipper?”