Planning and Zoning in need of more planning

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To the editor:
For  thirty years I have been dismayed by the inept activity of planning and zoning which was originally designed to make for a better future for our country. Not only was It obvious their choice of design for rural home development counter producive, but much to my chgrin, I have had the sad experience of observing the unprofessional thinking and behavior of some meetings in the past.
It should be the working, everyday motto of planning and zoning to realize its origin and purpose is for the protection of the value of property and the quality of life of the status quo.
As for moving the county “forward” with the hatched up devious idea of requiring five acre lots as a means of preserving farm land is a debacle in progress.
Many years ago, the misguided idea of requiring all mobile homes to be allowed the use of five acres only resulted in a waste of farm land and a lowering of the status quo.
Go to some parts of the county to see the lack of some people’s ability and/or means of proper fencing and mowing. That foolish idea was meant to price the mobile home owner out of the market for country living.
Planning and zoning needs to put the golden rule into play when making decisions. They should always be cognizant of the fact most people of Harrison County are due substantial consideration for their squatters rights.
Again the real purpose and motto of planning and zoning should be protecting the value of property and quality of life of the status quo.
P&Z’s “moving forward” bah humbug!
Sid Grannis