Photos needed for 2009 community yearbook

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By Becky Barnes

Before we know it, 2009 will come to a close. We’ll ring in a new year and say goodbye to what has been.

Some people may describe 2009 as momentous. For others it was just another 12 months. However you look upon the last four seasons, I hope you looked at some of it through a camera’s lens.

Our new publication will come with the close of the year. It will be our first Yearbook, and quite honestly, if we don’t get some photographs from our readers, it will likely be our last yearbook.

We’re looking for photographs from local events with local faces. The Cynthiana Democrat’s Community Calendar section is full each week of things happening in Cynthiana and Harrison County. There is no way for me or my colleagues, Kate Darnell or Robin Smiley, to get to them all. However, if you have high resolution digital photographs or even hard copy prints, we’d love to have them.

We do ask that each photograph be identified with the photographer, what the event was, where and when.

You know the drill, it’s the one we learned early in school: Who, what, when, where and how?

There have been oodles of class reunions this summer and fall. And a cheerleader reunion is even planned for this month.

Surely someone captured the latest inductees into the Harrison County Football Hall of Fame; we’d like those.

True Classics Car Shows are held frequently in Cynthiana and are a good subject for great photos. How about this crazy weather in Cynthiana? From an ice storm in January to a soggy summer, they are all good opportunities for picture taking.

If you plan to submit a digital photograph, there are a couple of avenues from which to choose. You can either bring your digital card by the office and we’ll download the pictures or you can e-mail them to photos@theharrisonshopper.com. Remember to include information about the shot. Sorry, but we cannot accept photographs taken with cell phones. The quality of photograph is just not good.

If you want to drop off a print at our Webster Avenue office, that’s acceptable, too.

Don’t wait too long. The Dec. 14 deadline is fast approaching. And, I don’t want to spend my Christmas season working on last-minute photographs. So, please, go through your files, see if you have an amazing photograph, and then send it in.