Pepe la Pew wasn’t so far from the real thing

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By Jeneen Wiche

Remember Pepe la Pew, the cartoon skunk? Pepe would follow the lovely black feline Penelope Pussycat, who, in some episodes painted a white stripe on her back to escape dog harassment and in others she got it by accident by scooting under a newly painted white fence. 

In any case, Pepe was a persistent suitor. I loved this classic cartoon as a child but now I have an entirely different respect for Pepe’s sensibilites. His character was not so far off from a real skunk’s unabashed pursuit of love this time of the year. 

Skunks are mostly nocturnal, nomadic and solitary…except during their mating season, which has begun. We don’t see them too often, except as road kill, but when we do it can be memorable.