People should help themselves

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By The Staff

To the editor:

Let’s speak out and if we all pull together, we might get our point out. So, if you are a working person, please speak out and quit paying for people who don’t work or who try to help themselves.

The reason I am writing this is to explain my letter to the editor that appeared in a previous paper. Anyway, it is time for working people to have a say and to get help. If you are one that lives strictly off the government, you should not be allowed to booze it up and you should have to show how you spend government money.

All my dreams are shot down because my husband has a medical problem and we have to live in separate homes and we had wanted to grow old together. I don’t want any hand-outs, but I pay my taxes and work for what I have.

I just want to make a point.

Oma Shadd

Harrison County