Parks and Rec put hold on hiring deputy director to cut budget

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By Joshua Shepherd

Concerns about going over budget has prompted the Cynthiana-Harrison County Parks and Recreation department to postpone hiring a new deputy director until February. 

Tuesday’s special called meeting was intended to address lingering questions about how to manage the job descriptions of the seasonal, part time, and full time Parks and Recreation employees. The agenda also included a discussion on the procedure to hire a new deputy director in the wake of Jim Milam’s recent resignation of the post.

Before the department could address that question, though, department director Darrell Baxter advised members to consider postponing a hire. Baxter is trying to put a cap on going over budget by an estimated $15,000.

“If we can hold off hiring a deputy director, we can save around $9,000 in wages. We still have to look at some other means to cut costs but that would be a big help,” Baxter said.

When asked if he could handle the job demands over the winter, Baxter said that he could. But, he added that a deputy director would be needed before the spring.

Prior to the board’s decision to postpone the hiring, Baxter said that he had received applications from three county employees. He said he would encourage all three to re-apply when the job opened up again.

Before discussion of the deputy director’s position, the board heard a report from Frank Henson about his meeting with a representative from the Department of Wage and Labor in Frankfort concerning their job description for the director’s position.

This information, which will inform job descriptions at the department going forward, largely concerned the difference between a supervisory position and an administrative position.

He also said that the definition of “part-time” can be set by the hiring party. However, according to the Affordable Care Act, health insurance would have to be provided to part-time employees that work 30 hours or more.

 The board also discussed other means to generate revenue through added concessions at various Parks and Recreation venues.