Parking on sidewalks is prohibited, says police chief

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By Ray Johnson

As I come to work everyday and as I patrol around town, I see several vehicles parked up on the sidewalk in front of their homes.

The question that I ask myself is, “Why do people do that and do they realize that parking on sidewalks is prohibited?”

There are quite a few individuals in this town that walk on a daily basis. You can drive on Pike Street, West Pleasant Street, Walnut Street, Bridge Street and Church Street at times and many other city streets and see the individuals who either do not know about the city ordinance, or who do and just don’t care.

According to the city ordinance, ‘It shall be unlawful for any person to park any automobile or truck on any sidewalk.’

As officers of the Cynthiana Police Department patrol around the city, they have written several parking citations to any and all vehicles that they see parked on the sidewalks. It’s true - the parking citation only cost an individual $5 that they can pay at City Hall, but how many times does an individual have to receive one before getting the point that you can’t park any vehicles on sidewalks? Maybe the city needs to start towing repeated violators or raising the fine so that these people will understand what they are doing is wrong.

There is no reason for an individual to get mad because they received a parking citation. There is no excuse or reason to park on sidewalks when you have driveways. What a lot of sidewalk parking violators do not realize is that they are causing an inconvenience to people who walk on these sidewalks. When a vehicle is parked and blocking a sidewalk, an individual has to go out into the street to get around that vehicle... and is that fair for that person to have to do that? The answer is ‘no,’ especially if the individual is elderly, handicapped or has a small child walking with them. People should not have to go out into the roadway and take a chance of being struck by an automobile because of somebody wanting to violate a city ordinance. If an individual should be struck by a vehicle while walking out in the roadway, a contributing factor to that person being struck would be the vehicle that was parked on the sidewalk.

You can legally park your vehicle on the street next to the curb, or you can utilize driveways, or park on the side of a street, but stay off the sidewalks. Remember to be considerate of others who use these sidewalks because if you are not, then you can expect a written citation by the Cynthiana Police Department.