Park development timeline questioned

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By Becky Barnes

With the final payments for Flat Run Veterans’ Park behind the Harrison County Fiscal Court, a contingent of recreation enthusiasts want to know when development progress can be expected.

Recreation director Rick Chasteen, who also sat on the committee to develop the master plan for the park, asked Harrison County Fiscal Court members if it is ever going to be developed.

“The reason I ask, Judge, is that your last meeting troubled me. The only ones speaking seemed to be the people with the Handy House,” Chasteen said, asking why recreation officials have not been invited into discussions.

Chasteen said the Handy House committee was originally given a six-month deadline to determine any historic significance.

Magistrate Bradley Copes said that the historic significance has been proven in that the farm, outbuildings and house are on the National Register of Historic Places.

“Let’s bring this down to a final point right here,” said Copes. “It is on the National Register. If it was torn down as you want it tore down, there is no grant money to be had for the park. The grant money that has been used will have to be paid back. So do you want the taxpayers of Harrison County to have to pay that money back and build the park all on its own or would you like grant money to help build the park?”

Chasteen countered that the park should be sold to “those people” and the county and county find a new place for a park.

At the last fiscal court meeting, magistrates voted to have Judge Alex Barnett continue discussions with the Handy House Committee regarding the possible leasing of the house. The committee will have five years to show a significant improvement to the house or it will be returned to the city and county, which purchased the property jointly.


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