Owen clerk endorses Furnish

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To the editor:

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Linda Furnish as Harrison County Clerk. I highly recommend Linda as a candidate to serve again as your county clerk.

I have known Linda Furnish for many years, and have become more acquainted with her since 2007 when I started serving as Owen County Clerk. During this time, I have found her to be a hard worker, friendly and very dedicated.   

During the time she has been serving as your clerk, I have witnessed tremendous growth in her knowledge with the computer system (KAVIS) and preparing for all the changes that are facing the county clerk’s offices in the near future.   

I am certain that the skills and abilities she has developed will allow her to excel as your county clerk. In short, I recommend you re-elect Linda Furnish enthusiastically and without reservation. I believe she is a valuable asset serving as your county clerk.

I hope that you will exercise the privilege of voting. This is a special right, your voice, your vote. Let your voice be heard.  Your vote counts and one person can make a difference.

Joan Kincaid

 Owen County Clerk