Our world is suffering

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To the editor:
I’d like to comment on Ronald Dumm’s letter in agreement with my opinions.
Like him, we can go anywhere out of Cynthiana and find gas prices 11 cents cheaper. We need to boycott them nationwide so my suggestion is to use the date of the Kentucky Derby (May 5). Fill up on the fourth and go the fifth, sixth and seventh without a drop. Make your full tank last three days.
Also, I’m with him on Romney being a Morman which gives me no choice. I will not be voting. It’s sad because I am very political but not this time.
And to the ones in command over our city that wants to build a fitness center - no! With this crazy weather change and all the tornatic activity, we need to concentrate on a public underground storm shelter that’s handicap accessible with a ramp entering underground.
But back to the election with four more years under Obama we will be in Socialism and with Romney who knows? So like I said what choice do we have but to pray, pray, pray and continue to pray. Stay prayed up, time is short.
Sandy Sageser
Cynthiana, Ky.