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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

In the article that I wrote about football rules, there are a couple of changes/additions that I need to make. There is some disagreement on rule 3-5-10d as to whether or not it is a penalty if a player takes his helmet off on his own in the dead ball interval. Some believe that it is not, but the way it is written, until someone clarifies it to me and then I’m not sure I would tell my players not to take it off.
The second item that I have learned since the article is that Kentucky is participating in an experimental rule this season that relates to the kickoff. The new rule is that, other than the kicker, no one on the kicking team may be further than five yards behind the free kicking line. In other words, in a normal kicking situation, no further back than the 35 yard line. This is to lessen violent collisions on the kickoffs.
The baseball problem with performance enhancing drugs is ridiculous. To let Alex Rodriguez make millions of dollars while appealing throws the legal process and the power of the baseball union in the face of the normal, everyday person. It proves once again that justice is for the people with good lawyers and lots of money.
I am looking forward to the time when the game is cleaned up and kept that way. Reds fans should be proud that their team and players did not participate in the drug taking. My beloved Cardinals also are as clean as a whistle.  
There are a couple of golf scrambles coming up in the next two weeks that warrant attention and your participation if possible. The baseball alumni association is having a scramble on Aug. 10 and the football boosters are having one on Aug. 17. Both begin on  at 2 p.m. at the Cynthiana Country Club. Costs are $50 for baseball and $40 for football. Sign up at the Country Club Pro Shop or call 234-5364.
Kim Jenkins did a Soccer 101 presentation for the Lions Club a couple of weeks ago which was really enlightening. The game is complicated for the “football crowd” but this made it much simpler to understand. The soccer seasons kick off with the boys playing the Alumni Game Thursday and the girls scrimmaging Walton Verona on Saturday. Both of these matches will be on LeBus Field while the regular season will be at the Athletic Complex. Now there is a catchy name.
Monday, the citizens of this area and more lost a great man. Dr. Don Stephens was more than a doctor. He was a friend to all who walked through the door at 439 E. Pleasant St. He was an integral part of the school system as a long time school board member, a job that he took very seriously.
He was one of the rare individuals who enjoyed their work and exhibited that fact daily. Many of us can hear him whistling as he walked from room to room at the office, giving care to young and old alike. As far as I know, he was one of a kind. So long Doc, it was great to know you.