Obama beats McCain, McConnell defeats Lunsford; not in Harrison

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By Donald Richie

Republican presidential candidate John McCain had no problem winning his race in Harrison County and Kentucky Tuesday, but ultimately fell short of the votes needed to secure the White House.

McCain earned 4,520 votes in Harrison County or 59.6 percent. Democrat Barack Obama, now the President-elect, came in with 2,916 local votes (38.4 percent). Statewide, McCain had 1,048,037 votes cast (57.4 percent) and Obama, 751,583 (41.2 percent).

Obama became the country’s first African-American president with 62,774,339 votes (52 percent). McCain had 55,620,226 (46 percent). Those totals were as of 10 a.m. Wednesday, with 96 percent of precincts reporting

Interestingly, independent candidate Ralph Nader fared much better, percentage-wise, in Harrison County than he did across the state. Nader earned 1.3 percent (101 votes) locally, compared to 0.8 percent (15,370 votes) state-wide. Nationally, Nader brought in one percent of the ballots cast (645,142 votes).

Harrison Countians narrowly broke with the rest of the state in the race for U.S. Senator. Locally, Democrat Bruce Lunsford came out on top of incumbent Republican Mitch McConnell, 3,814 votes to 3,743. However, McConnell rebounded across the state, beating Lunsford 953,603 to 846,724, keeping his seat for a fifth term.

In the race for the fourth congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives, incumbent Republican Geoff Davis handily beat Democrat Michael Kelley, 190,192 to 111,526 state-wide and 4,463 to 2,853 locally.