Northside’s playground needs help from community and PTO

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By The Staff

To the editor:

Grandparents’ Day was very enjoyable until our trip for recess took us to what was called a “playground.” I was horrified at what I saw. There is no “playground!” What there is are swings that leave rust on the children’s hands and clothes. What there is are swing sets that are not maintained and an area of decaying mulch - something the teachers fight to keep the kids out of for several reasons.

I was told it is up to the PTO’s of every school to fund such things and I understand the competition between these groups, but if they could all pull together, the children would be the recipients of what can be done by the adults in our community when the children are put first.

Competition is healthy, so is compassion. Northside’s “playground” should go from being an eye-sore to a focal point. These children deserve as nice an area to play in as the other schools. After all, they all represent our views and ideas on education.

Take a ride out and look for yourself.

Dorothy Robertson