No school Friday, sickness still a factor

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By Becky Barnes

No classes in Harrison County on Friday. School officials announced the closure Thursday morning to follow up the two days classes were already dismissed for the flu on Wednesday and Thursday.

School officials announced the dismissal of classes Tuesday afternoon after doctors confirmed that flu was behind the 326 absences for that day.

According to DeeGee Fischer, assistant superintendent of Harrison County Schools, there were 258 absences on Monday, which was an increase over Friday's 188. Tuesday's beginning number of 326 absences grew as the day progressed.

Fischer said by 2:30 p.m., the high school had sent another 20 students home. The middle school dismissed an additional 24 students. Ten more students went home sick from Westside Elementary. Only one student went home sick from Southside and none from Eastside.

"Hopefully people will come back healthy on Friday," Fischer said.

Although the Wedco District has no confirmed cases of flu reported for Harrison County, Crystal Caudill, director, said doctors are not required to notify health officials of flu illnesses.

She said the ailment that has been hitting the area is quick at the on-set.

Flu symptoms are described as high fever, head ache, extreme tiredness, dry cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose and muscle aches.

The best way to combat the flu, Caudill said, is to wash hands often, drink lots of fluids, get plenty of rest, and more importantly, if you are sick, stay home.

The Center for Disease Control adds that if you have come in contact with someone who has flu symptoms wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand cleaner.