No respect shown for Chambers family

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To the editor:
We are appalled at the article written about William Chambers.  Not one good word was written about him and there was no respect given to a wonderful family, who has tragically lost a son!  
Telling facts is one thing, but you shouldn’t have written anything about issues that have been dismissed.  The facts that you wrote about in your story had nothing to do with who he was or what happened at his death.
If you just wanted to state facts, why didn’t you get all the facts about who this young man was?  Why didn’t you talk about how he was so willing to help anyone in need?  Or tell about how he always had a smile on his face?  You were very one-sided.
What is the next step for this newspaper, to write obituaries that tell only of the negative things of the deceased’s life?   

Mark and Leigh Ann Cockrell