No reruns, just books, books and more books

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By Becky Barnes

I’m conducting an unscientific experiment this summer.

No television.

That’s right. I’ve turned over my remote control for a reading lamp and novel.

I can’t say I’ve missed the nightly surf through endless titles of summer re-runs.

I’ve always enjoyed reading, but just on a casual basis. I would get a book and read on it for a couple of weeks. However, sometimes I go on marathon reads. I have been known to still be awake trying to finish a book when my husband gets up for work at 5 a.m.

That’s the problem with reading versus watching a movie. I can’t go to sleep before the killer is revealed. I have never been able to go to bed in the middle of a movie and always questioned how Ernie could head to bed with 30 minutes into an hour-long show remaining.

His response is that it’s a television program, not life or death.


I’m somewhat of an insomniac. And, I thought reading would be a way of helping me grab the elusive zzzzs. I understand most people get sleepy while reading.

Not me.

I get so engrossed in creating my own visuals that I’m either too keyed up to sleep or I have to know the ending.

While reading last night I even stopped in the book long enough to yell at the character who thought she needed to leave the safety of her room to go is search of trouble.

“You idiot,” I screamed to an empty house with me being the only person to hear my verbal assault. “What are you doing?”

My mother was always an avid reader and I suppose I get that thirst from her. Reading didn’t really pique my interest until my early 20s.

Unfortunately, neither of my children have developed any yearning for books.

According to Cynthiana Public Library stats, last month held the record for circulation with 13,772 books going out of the library. That’s impressive.

Since my children do not read much, I was worried that it was a generational thing. I’m happy to note that I have met several young people recently who admit their addiction to reading.

I’ll let you know how my unscientific experiment comes out. Until then, happy reading!