No more bailouts for privately owned businesses

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To the editor:
I would like to take the time to publicly thank Magistrate Frank Henson. In an age where bailouts, handouts and stimulus packages are seemingly more common, Mr. Henson is a man who sees the bottom line. I agree that the county has absolutely no business funding a private business.
Before I am demonized by the citizens of the county for being “that guy who says we don’t need ambulance service,” I would like to pose a few questions. Where does this stop? Which local business gets help with its payroll next month? If 3M threatens to cut its workforce in half next month are we going to make payroll for them as well? My guess would be no.
Every county needs an ambulance service. However, I don’t want to help make another business owner’s payroll when I’m barely making my own. I also don’t wish to see the EMT’s laid off because of shift cuts. I believe by the next meeting Brown’s Ambulance Service needs to present the fiscal court with a budget and a plan for going forward. We’re handing them $18,750, they owe us at least that much.

C.J. Clifford