New Year’s resolutions or how others should improve

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

2010 is nearing its end and a lot of people at the end of any year make a list of changes or improvements that they hope to make for the New Year.
I am going to list some sports related changes that I would like to see along with some others that I would like to make for me and others.
The first change I would like to see is all sports to get rid of challenges of the officials’ calls by coaches.  
I’m okay with booth challenges in the last two minutes because the booth official is impartial. The game is slowed up too much and it seems the coaches always run out of challenges before something happens that they really need one.  
Let’s just play the game with the mistakes if there are any.  
The next sports related change I would like to see made is making it against the rules to do any celebrating or show boating of any kind.  
I am sick and tired of athletes who are getting paid millions having this look at me attitude. What if the waitresses at Bianckes did a celebratory dance every time they got the order right?  
That is what they are paid to do just like a basketball player is paid to score a basket and they probably have a higher percentage of success.  
The next change I would like is to eliminate throw back jerseys. Do we need to be reminded how ugly the old Houston Astros uniforms were or the Pittsburgh Pirates uniforms?  
Let’s just wear current styles unless the ticket prices are going to be the same as the year the uniforms were worn. Then I would be all for it.
I think all baseball stadiums should be required to post the salary of the player along with his batting average or won/loss record on the scoreboard when the players are at bat. Or better yet, when they are introduced give the salary then, too.
I can just hear it now, “Batting first for the Yankees, making 4 million dollars this year, the catcher so and so.”  
The scoreboard would have the average on it so people could see that the Yankees or whoever and ultimately the fans are paying this guy four million to bat .239.  
The same could be posted in professional basketball and football venues.  
Then the patrons who paid 100 bucks or more to see a game, and the players half way tried would be reminded how much the slacker was being paid.  
In high school sports, I would like to see some changes too.  
The football playoffs really need to be changed to have only the two top teams in each district qualify and let everyone increase the regular season to 11 games.
This would generate more revenue and eliminate, in a great many circumstances, the first-round blowouts.  
In basketball I would like to see only the district winners advance. That way the region would be reduced in number of games and the expense to the schools would be lessened.  
I realize that the income would be reduced some, too, but late school nights for the students would be reduced and we are supposed to be going to school to learn.  
I would not change the state tournament at all since it is really one of the greatest shows on earth.
These are just a few areas where I believe improvements could be made in sports.  
As for personal resolutions for 2011, I can only try not to repeat the mistake that I made in 2010; you know, the time I thought I was wrong.