New Year’s resolutions

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

When you get to be my age there have been many chances to make great and meaningful changes/improvements at the beginning of the year.  
I never have been able to resolve to lose weight, quit swearing etc., so this year all of my resolutions are going to be sports related.
The first one would be easy for some people but has always been hard for me.  
That will be to continue to follow a sport after “my team” is eliminated.  
For example, after the Cardinals lost in the playoffs last year I did not watch one pitch of the World Series.  
I didn’t watch the NCAA tournament after Indiana lost.  
Football is the one exception to that rule, but next year, I resolve to stay up to date even if I don’t really care who wins.
The most difficult resolution that I am going to try is one suggested numerous times by my good friend Chuck Duffy.  
Chuck has told me many times that I need to try and become part of the community where I live and not just hold on to my core beliefs.  
What he means by this is instead of only being for the Cardinals or the Steelers and Indiana, that I should try to have more concern about the success or failure of the Reds, Bengals and UK.  
So this year, I will not automatically be for whoever plays this trio and take it one game at a time.
My biggest change is going to be in how I look at sports and other things.  
I am going to be more positive and not think of the worst that can happen.  
For instance, if the baseball team would start out the season slowly I will not be a gloom and doom guy and wonder if we will win the district.  
That is not a good example probably since the baseball team starting slowly generally doesn’t happen, but you get my point.  
I am also going to try to find more personal interest stories like I started last year.  
John Michael Reitz, Cameron Whitaker’s new job in Dayton and Donna Stephens’ son (I believe) who is a tennis player of note will be a few articles that I plan to tackle plus others.  
I am always open to information about people from our area that are elsewhere doing well.  
Happy New Year to everyone and the best of health for all in 2013.