New plant manager welcomed at 3M

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By Ben Hyatt


Cynthiana’s beloved 3M is welcoming a new plant manager from Minnesota.

Ann Getting, former Cynthiana 3M plant manager, left behind big shoes to fill in the community as she boarded a plane headed for her new position in South Dakota.

That’s where Colleen Emery comes in.

Emery, who has worked in the 3M cooperation for 23 years, has been named the new plant manager of Cynthiana 3M.

“I am very excited to be here,” expressed Emery. “I am very pleased by what I have seen from the workers and the plant so far.”

Emery grew up in the Red River Valley in North Dakota where she earned an engineering degree from North Dakota University.

“The community where I grew up had less than a thousand people in it,” said Emery. “I like the small-town feel and I think that is why I have enjoyed Harrison County so far.”

Emery went on to work at a 3M plant in Minnesota and earned her masters degree in business, which opened even more doors for her in the 3M family.

“I chose to work at 3M due to the close ties they have with the community,” said Emery. “They have so many opportunities within the company and I feel that they take good care of all their employees.”

After spending several years at the cooperate headquarters, as well as doing some international work, Emery finally received the opportunity that she had always been waiting on.

“I have always wanted to be a plant manager,” said Emery. “I have a passion for continued improvement and I hope to always energize the workers to head toward improvements at the plant.”

Emery expressed her appreciation for the dedication of the workers and their willingness to work together.

“We have some very dedicated workers at this plant,” explained Emery. “I could not be more pleased by what I have seen so far.”

Like her predecessor Getting, Emery also finds great pleasure in being involved in the community that she lives and works.

“I am a very strong advocate for giving back to the community as far as time, treasure and talent is concerned,” explained Emery. “I hope to fill the shoes of Ann and be involved as a much as possible.”

Due to Getting’s busy schedule and moving arrangements, she was unable to be reached for an interview.

However Getting did release a statement to the Cynthiana Democrat.

“I am proud of the team at 3M Cynthiana. We are responsible for manufacturing products for two of 3M’s premier brands:  Post-it and Scotch,” stated Getting.

  “As the plant manager for nearly eight years, I’ve witnessed the daily dedication and team work of employees to meet customer expectations.  The plant’s strong business results, ‘can do’ attitude, and continuous improvement mentality make 3M Cynthiana a highly regarded ‘flagship’ plant within 3M.  I have learned a great deal from the employees at 3M Cynthiana.  I thank them and wish them continued success.”

Getting also wrote:

 “My family and I have enjoyed living in Cynthiana for the past 10 years.  We appreciated the many great people we’ve had the opportunity to meet, and it’s been a privilege to be involved in the community.  Cynthiana will always have a special place in our hearts.”