Natural law

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To the editor:
Under the guidance of our Creator, this universe was created and is guided by laws - natural laws.
Consider the following: the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Apples fall from trees. Seeds are planted in the soil to grow and produce fruit. Fish swim in water. Birds fly in the sky. Man and animals were made, male and female, to multiply and increase to enjoy this world.
Man was made to love our Creator and one another. Love is there to assist one another in whatever their vocation in life. Some marry and procreat children, some elect to live a single life to aid each other to live a happy life.
Now look at the “unnatural life.” Can the sun rise in the west and set in the east? Can fish fly in the air? Can birds swim in water, or can trees bare fruit without a seed? Can children be created without the love of a male and female parent?
Consider how our Creator made this life by establishing rules to live by, to respect life and one another. Natural laws are implanted in our very being to guide us in life.
Think about an inventor who makes a highly intrinsic item. He sells it with instructions to help us understand and use what was made. God, our Creator has done basically the same thing. He gave us instructions to help us to live a happy life. His instructions are found in the Bible and tradition. God has given us this wonderful world to like what He made - take care of it - respect life.
John C. Schreiber
Cynthiana, Ky.