Museum Musings

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By The Staff

* Log Cabin, Nov. 11, 1905 - “The Cynthiana Electric Light Co. was incorporated December, 1889, with a capital stock of $22,000 and commenced operation in March, 1890, beginning with a 65 horse power engine and Dynamo of 750 lights capacity. In 1895, the capacity was doubled by the purchase of a 125 horsepower Lane & Bradley engine and a 1,500 fight dynamo. Again in 1900, the capacity of the plant was further increased by the purchase of an additional 3,000 fight dynamo, and an additional 275 horsepower Greenwald engine, making the present capacity over 400 horsepower with 4,5000 incandescent lights, besides a 75 light Ft. Wayne Arc Dynamo.”

* Cynthiana Democrat, May 12, 1966 - “The winter like temperatures which sent mercury to 18 degrees in some rural areas are expected to rise somewhat during the weekend and thus bring some relief.”

* Helen Hunt Jackson - “By all these lovely tokens September days are here With summers best of weather And autumn’s best of cheer.”

* Cynthiana Times, Dec. 7, 1865 - “A.J. Morey, Editor - We have received information from a friend of ours residing in the lower portion of the county that certain evil disposed people have said that those ladies who have the generosity to ask his excellency, the President, to release Jefferson Davis, would get themselves in trouble. It is an insult to the President of the United States to circulate a report of that kind, and no person who respects him or loves his country would say so. Sign your petitions, Ladies.”

* Cynthiana Democrat, July 26, 1917 - “Primary Election, Harrison County, Aug. 4, 1917 - State Senate - M.C. Swinford, K. K- Renaker; Representative - H. C. Duffy, M. J. Nagle, Lark Garnett; County Judge - W. S. Cason, R. M. Collier, T. E. King, M. G. Land; County Attorney - Hanson Peterson; County Clerk - W. R. Curie, J. D. Swinford; Sheriff - John Ingles, James A. Caldwell, Jasper King, Victor Ross; Jailer - George W., Ecklar, John W. Glinn, Jos. Fightmaster, Jas. S. Green, W. S. Casey; Coroner - D. R. Rees; Assessor - Robert E. Florence, Jas. N. Ashbrook; School Superintendent - J. W. Rogers, B. F. Kearns.”

* 1948 -”A Man - A Miss - A Car, A Curve - He Kissed The Miss - And Missed The Curve - Burma Shave.”

The Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum, 124 S. Walnut St., is filled with items related to school, football and other fall sports, band, harvest time, tobacco cutting, etc. etc. Bring your family - how about several generations of your family? The museum is open on Fridays and Saturdays, 10 - 5, or by appointment.