Museum Musings

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By The Staff

* Cynthiana Democrat, July 26, 1917 - “Connersville - Nettie Ahldering of Newport is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Burgess; Bro. George Ammerman was entertained by J. W. Hiten and daughter, Verne on Sunday; Mr. and Mrs. Will Furnish and children were Sunday guests of Ed Furnish and sister, Lizzie; Several of our young men have been called for Uncle Sam’s service; Mr. and Mrs. Porter Fields visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Kearns on Sunday.”

* Cynthiana Democrat, Aug. 4, 1960 - “John Walter Switzer Sr. has been elected president of the Cynthiana-Harrison County Chamber of Commerce. He succeeds Lois Cinnamon who has led that organization since July, 1959. Other officers chosen by the 15-man Board of Directors were W. J. Woodruff, vice president and Joe Craig Smith, treasurer. Jim Cole was re-named secretary at the election held Tuesday.”

* Gladys Harp - “I am rich today with autumn’s gold, All that my covetous hands can hold Oh, who could find a dearth of bliss With autumn glory such as this!”

* Cynthiana Democrat, Oct. 26, 1922 - “’A raid on Moy Foo’s place of business and habitat on Walnut Street by Policeman Wilson and Thompson, Tuesday morning brought to light the discouraging and disconcerting fact that Moy had not been Confucianing according to the teachers of Bro. Volstead. Under a canopied couch in his celestial boudoir immediately east of and adjacent to a reception hall devoted to collars and cuffs and shirts of silk and Madras were discovered various and sundry jars, jugs, bottles, cans and other receptacles that contained either liquids as pale and limpid as moonlight itself, or various and sundry dregs, remains, herbal concomitants, concoctions or suggestions of moonshine, or fugitive odoriferous reminiscences thereof.” (Volstead Act, 18 Amendment prohibiting the manufacture and sale of beverage alcohol.)

* Cynthiana Democrat, Aug. 4, 1960 - “The annual tobacco tour starts from the Court House this morning. Lunch at 12:30 p.m. at Rural Electric Farm, with compliments of Cynthiana warehouses.”

* Alexandra Stoddard - “I love November. Halloween is behind us and we celebrate Thanksgiving. Each day is a lifetime. Live it close up, in detail. Think about your world and your life and what you want to be remembered for when your time is up.”

* 1936 - “If You - And Whiskers - Do Hob Nob - Some Sailor Gob - Will Steal Your Squab - Burma Shave”

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