Museum Musings

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By The Staff

* All of us at the Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum anticipate the community’s second Art Walk. Last year’s event was a marvelous opportunity for the museum to shine. Accolades to those who work so diligently to organize, promote, and implement the festivities.


* Since the museum was established 16 years ago, it has been advertised as a local history museum. That title still applies but as well our local museum is an art museum. The 1920 Rohs Theatre Building on Walnut Street where the museum is housed indeed is a piece of art. Once inside, a visitor may be astounded by the collection whether one enjoys history and/or art.


* Pablo Picasso - “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”


* Among the vast array of models crafted by local artisans at the museum are the model of Cynthiana, a one room schoolhouse, Harrison County High School, the old log cabin, covered bridges, two completely furnished dollhouses, the old Benson Church, and the Handy house (Harold Slade, Donald Hill, Carl Blackburn, Bruce Mitchell, Neville Haley).


* Original paintings by Robert Poindexter, Jane S. Gaffin, Alvan Berry, Herbert Allen Moore, Art Lowry, Joanie Gruelle Wannamaker, Harold Barnett, and others are a part of the museum’s collection.


* Charlotte Cushman (1816-1876) - “God conceived the world, that was poetry; He formed it, that was sculpture; He colored it, that was painting; He peopled it with living beings, that was the grand, divine, eternal drama.”


* Museum holdings include quilts, woven coverlets, dishes, seed and button art, dolls and their clothing, woodcraft, clothing, life size silhouettes, photographs (people and places, recent and very old), a horse sculpture, Native American baskets and implements, handmade tools, and countless other pieces of art.


* For the art walk, we gladly welcome our visiting artist, Susan Davisson of Cynthiana who creates beautiful jewelry. Come visit our local history/art museum during the Art Walk and any Friday or Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.


* Anne Frank - “I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.”