Museum Musings

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By The Staff

* Cynthiana Democrat, July 31, 1930 - “The Democrat’s Sycamore correspondent sends the following catfish story. Sunday morning after the storm of July 12th about 300 catfish were found floating on the top of the water in a large pond near the house of W. E. Jones. They were all dead, some 16 inches long. The strange part of the story is that later Mr. Jones had some boys go into the pond, which is nearly dry, and catch the remainder of the fish. They took out 260 and put them where there was more water and not one of them was a catfish. Just why did the catfish die? A fence around the lot goes across part of the pond, or rather the pond spread out and went under the fence. It might have been that the catfish were all together near the fence.”

* Cynthiana Democrat, Aug. 24, 1911 - “From the Paris Democrat, Saturday - Catcher Logan Maffett of the Cynthiana team, who is doing the backup work for Paris during the temporary retirement of Mayer, did fine work in the games Monday and Tuesday. He is a good hitter and his throwing to base is of gilt-edge order.”

* Mays Angelou - “I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw some things back.”

* Cynthiana Democrat, Jan. 28, 1937 - Flood of 1937 - “James Thompson Jr. of Augusta was here yesterday with the Brooksville News force, assisting in getting out the Brooksville paper. The Augusta Chronicle owned by Thompson’s father, and operated by his son was completely submerged. The family lost all its belongings. Tragic stories were related of the disaster in Augusta.”

* Banneker School Librarian, June 1929 - “AN. Bell, The Grocer. Anything you need - Delivered with speed! Call 253 or 31.”

* Log Cabin, Oct. 5, 1901 - “The officers of the Harrison Deposit Bank, which is to begin business here Dec. 1, have purchased R. L. Jamerson’s brick building at the corner of Pike and Walnut Sts., the price being $4,500. The building will be remodeled and arranged most conveniently for the banking business.”

* Cynthiana Democrat, May 3, 1906 - “Fiscal Court meets, grants the Cynthiana and Claysville Railroad Co. permission to construct tracks across the necessary pikes and dirt roads between this city and Claysville.”

What a wonderful weekend for our community. It was exciting to have so many visitors at the museum for our anniversary celebration and throughout the city for the Art Walk. Thanks to all who helped and all who participated.