Museum Musings

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By The Staff

*Log Cabin, Jan. 31, 1913 -- “Hotel For Rent - Hotel building on South Main Street in good repair. Good bath room. Possession March 1. Apply to W. M. Nourse or wife.”

* The Cynthiana Times, Dec. 7, 1865 -- “It will be seen, by reference to the head of our editorial page, today, that another has taken control of the Cynthiana Times. In the conduct of this paper, we expect to sustain the Government in its reconstruction policy and give that satisfaction to our readers which they may expect to find in a good newspaper. Every man, as well as every newspaper, should use all the means in their power to heal up the differences which have divided the nation. Let us harmonize on all constitutional questions if we do disagree as to policy.”

*Log Cabin, June 24, 1905 -- “All kinds of Mill Ends and plenty of ice water for Court Day. J. K. Northcutt”

*Bill Morgan Jr. -- “Winter came down to our home one night/Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow. . .”

*Cynthiana City Directory, 1925 -- “The Officers of the City are as follows: J. J. Curle, City Manager; Mrs. B. R. Robertson, City Clerk; W. W. VanDeren, City Attorney; George M. Dickey, Chief of Police, with H. F. Wilson and George Miley as patrolmen.”

*Cynthiana News, June 6, 1867 -- “Mrs. Jas. McKee will accept our thanks for a lot of the finest radishes ever grown. Mr. Hill of the firm of Hill and Foreman brought them to our office. We hope to see more of the same sort.”

*Cynthiana Democrat, Dec. 22, 1921 -- “A method has been discovered by which wine may be made from parsnips, but we would rather be cracked open by the drought than to compromise with that vegetable.”

*Mary Oliver -- “Perhaps because the winter is so long and sky so black-blue, or perhaps because the heart narrows as often as it opens -- I am grateful that the red bird comes all winter/firing up the landscape as nothing else can do.”

*Log Cabin, Nov. 10, 1944 -- “Roosevelt Has Margin of 2240 Over Dewey -- Voters in Harrison County, who in November of last year gave Lyter Donaldson, unsuccessful Democratic gubernatorial aspirant, a majority of only 983 at Tuesday’s general election, started running more truly to form and gave Franklin D. Roosevelt a plurality of 2,240, but not quite as great a plurality as the 2,521 given him four years ago.”

*1941 -- “Pa Acted - So Tickled - Ma Thot- He Was Pickled - He’d Just Tried - Burma Shave”

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