Museum Musings

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By The Staff

*Lexington Herald, May 7, 1955, by Rebecca Patton Miller, correspondent -- Historic Harrison County House sells for - thats right- $35. The red brick house on West Pike Street was sold at public auction recently for the magnificent sum of $35. Only catch is - Riley Dennis who bought it has to move it. The land beneath it had been sold previously for a new Kroger supermarket and the house was auctioned as a means of getting it out of the way. The house, overlooking the South Licking River, was built by Dr. Gavin Morrison. Morrison came to Kentucky in 1796 from Pennsylvania, with wife, six children, eight slaves, farm implements, and stock on a flatboat, landing at Maysville, proceeding in wagons to Cynthiana. Four years were spent in the erection of the home - the bricks, approximately 80,000 of them, were burnt in Pennsylvania and brought up the river in flatboats. Morrison made several trips back to Pennsylvania to procure workmen to complete the house. When the house was completed, Morrison gave a barbecue and the fame of the housewarming was long remembered. (Note: Lucinda Boyd, author of the book Chronicles of Cynthiana, lived here with her husband, Judge Boyd, for many years and it was here that she reared their six children and wrote the book. Area is present site of Daileys Auto Shop.)

*William Shakespeare -- Summers lease hath all too short a date.

*Cynthiana News, Oct. 31, 1851 -- Medical Notice - Dr. Woodruff can at all times, unless necessarily absent, be consulted at his office on Main Cross Street, a few doors east of Broadwells Corner, and will prescribe in all cases where personal attendance is not necessary. Those laboring under chronic diseases will find it to their interest to give him a call. He will prescribe none but the purest quality of medicine.

*Cynthiana Democrat, Oct. 10, 1935 -- Ben Kearns, Robert L. Ammerman, Cullen Durbin and Jack Conrad have been sworn in as deputy sheriffs to act as guards on the LLL Highway (US 27 North) to prevent people from using the part of the highway under construction.

*Copied -- Students dont care how much you know as a teacher until they know how much you care about them.

*Cynthiana Democrat, Nov. 3, 1932 -- Wanted - Rumble Seat for 1930 or 1931 Model A Ford Coupe, Carroll Motor Co.

*1950 -- The Whale Put Jonah -- Down The Hatch -- But Coughed Him Up -- Because He Scratched -- Burma Shave

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