Museum Musings

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By The Staff

* Cynthiana News, Jan. 4, 1855 - “Maysville and Lexington Railroad - The Receiver, Eben Milton, Esq. Appointed by an order of the Fayette Circuit Court to take charge of the effects of the Maysville and Lexington Railroad Company, proceeded to the execution of his trust on Monday last, and on Tuesday that portion of the road lying between this city (Lexington) and Paris was leased by him to the Lexington and Covington Railroad Company. The extent of the lease is eight months. It is the intention of the Covington Company to widen the gauge at once so as to correspond with their gauge and enable them to run through from Covington to this city without break. The contract was closed yesterday.” [Lexington Observer]


* Log Cabin, Aug. 27, 1909 - “Remember that Slusher, the photographer, will always give you a square deal.”


* Haim Ginott - “Parents often talk about the younger generation as if they didn’t have anything to do with it.”


* City Ordinance - Cemeteries - Sec. 130 - “No burial place shall hereafter be established within the city without it being authorized by the mayor and board of council - Sec. 131 - No corpse shall be interred, except in some authorized burial ground. Every person who may assist in making any interment contrary to the provision of this section shall be fined $5; and if any such interment shall take place within the knowledge and consent of any person having title, possession and control of the ground in which the interment is made, every such person shall also be fined the same sum. - Sec. 132 - No person must inter a corpse anywhere in a grave less than five deep, under penalty of $25 for each offense. - Sec. 133 - The old cemetery on Main Street is hereby declared to an authorized burying ground.”


* 1900 Business Directory - “Whaley & Hutchings - Funeral Directors and Embalmers, Phone 160, Cynthiana, Ky.”


* Alan Stewart Paton - “The ground is holy, being even as it came from the Creator. Keep it, guard it, care for it, for it keeps men, guards men, cares for men. Destroy it and man is destroyed.”


* Cynthiana Democrat, June 1896 - “On the Highlands, affording a glorious view of the South Licking River, is a cluster of new places, where J. W. Musselman and son-in-law Gano Ammerman and W. L. Northutt Jr. reside.”


1937 - “Drive - With Care - Be Alive - When You - Arrive - Burma Shave”


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