Museum Musings

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* Cynthiana Democrat, Feb. 15, 1945 -- “On Monday, while at the Cynthiana Stockyards, John Wheeler had the bad luck of receiving gashes on the leg from the tusk of a vicious hog. He said the attack was so sudden and swift that it was over before he had a chance to defend himself. His wounds were dressed at Harrison Memorial Hospital and he returned home.”
* Cynthiana News, Jan. 7, 1869 -- Herman Rohs is about to establish a large coal yard near Pleasant Street on the railroad in this city.”
* Henry Adams -- “A teacher affects eternity; he (she) can never tell where his influence stops.”
* Cynthiana Democrat, Jan. 4, 1951 -- Princeton, N.J. - “Among the 185 Princeton undergraduates who appear on Princeton’s annual football awards list was John M. Swinford, Cynthiana, Ky.”
* Western Citizen, Paris, Ky., July 23, 1862 -- “On Thursday, Col. Guthrie reached here and took command of our force...A scouting party which had been sent out under Col. Wadworth had gone nearly to Newtown, had marched upon Cynthiana and would probably attack that place and Paris during the night.”
* Log Cabin, Nov. 12, 1915 -- “If I were yours and you were mine- I’ll tell you what we’d do- Just lunch on Stone’s Cake Divine - And let the cook skidoo - Six kinds, one price, 10 cents. W. B. Rouse Co.”
As you read these museum thoughts, do make a decision to skidoo down to the Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum, The Rohs Theatre Building, Walnut Street, Fridays and Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. You will find there displays related to medical care, industry, transportation, schools, sports, military, homemaking, etc.